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atypical diagnosis

emmy had her 9-month check-up today at the pediatrician's office. she's now measuring 27.5 inches long (75th percentile) and 19 pounds, 4 ounces (also 75th percentile). on the plus side, she's developing as expected and looking great... breast milk does a body good!

since emmy's been sick this week, that was obviously investigated as well. when we walked into the office, i knew that she felt abnormally hot, and surely enough she was running a fever of 102.2. since her cough seemed to have worsened since wednesday and she was very lethargic today, the doc wanted to run a few tests. ear infection? nope, they're clear. strep throat? no, the throat swab came back fine. blood testing / cbc? everything looks relatively normal there, aside from the white count that's a little off. chest x-ray? WHAT, CHEST X-RAY?! my baby needs an x-ray??? we marched down to the imaging center to get emmy's first x-ray; it was so sad to have to hold her in place while the techs did their work - she was not a happy camper. afterwards, we trekked back upstairs to the pediatrician's office to wait for the films to be read. in the end, the doc disgnosed atypical pneumonia, or "walking pneumonia", and gave us a 3-day prescription for antibiotics AND a disclaimer that she's basically treating one possiblilty (so we don't get stuck in the ER if emmy worsens over the weekend) but that it could still be a virus (wednesday's diagnosis). so who knows what emmy has for sure! i read online that some strains of atypical pneumonia can incubate for 14-21 days; she could have been exposed almost anywhere (even back at daycare). *sigh* after a dose of tylenol earlier today and the antibiotic tonight, she does seem to be sleeping better right now. keep your fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


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