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new toys

today was a great day for new toys! the garage sale adventure paid off: emmy now has her first ride-on "tricycle" and a duck pull toy. i think i'll clean 'em up and keep the trike in the storage room for now. i figure i'll pull it out around her birthday or christmas... it's so great that emmy can see toys right now and not realize what they are (or that they're for her); i wonder when kids grow out of this oblivious phase?

since emmy couldn't have all of the fun by herself, mommy and daddy decided to pick out early anniversary gifts for each other; september 2nd is coming up quick! tradition dictates a gift of wood for the fifth anniversary. however, some couples opt to celebrate with the more modern gift alternative of silverware. kim and blair? we went straight to... cellphones. our old phones needed replacing - i mean, they didn't even have a built-in camera! - so we each got a motorola razr (silver for blair, light pink for me). so what was the first thing i did with mine? i took this oh-so-cute picture of emmy and taylor, of course.

and speaking of emmy, the antibiotics are helping her sleep at night. whew! of course, now i have symptoms... ugh.

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