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once upon a time

apparently it's a good thing i updated this site last week - the photo gallery has received quite a few hits in the past few days! by looking at all the pictures, it's obvious that little emmy isn't quite so little anymore... i'm amazed every time i see her with other kids her age, as she's definitely taller and more "mature" looking. blair and i keep commenting that we practically have a toddler on our hands (who thankfully is only semi-mobile at this point!).

so, where should i start? i suppose it makes sense to break up the recent updates by topic. those of you who follow blair's page will know some of this already, but here's the official 2006 Lee Family Update:

emmy: the big arrival and nine months more
emerson ji-eun lee arrived in this world on november 18, 2005 at 8:40 am, 8 days past her due date. although she only weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20.5 inches, she was determined to stay in my apparently too-comfy tummy for as long as possible. we checked into reston hospital's maternity wing around 7:00 pm on wednesday, nov. 16, for the big induction. i figured i'd get settled in with my cervadil, catch a new episode of lost and have labor progress in its own magical way. turns out that even new tv wouldn't budge our wonderfully stubborn baby - in fact, 36 hours of pitocin-induced labor, 4 hours of pushing and 2 attempts with suction didn't either! on friday morning, the doctor decided to do a last-minute cesarean section and emmy was born just 10 minutes later. it's interesting: some c-section moms seem to be filled with regret that they somehow "failed" at the whole labor experience... personally, i figure i've experienced almost every aspect of labor (heck, blair even saw her hair when i pushed - she was that close!) and you know what? next time, it won't be so bad to have a scheduled c-section and skip all that pain stuff. :)

since that amazing november day, life with emmy has been wonderful! we are so fortunate to have such an easy-going baby - she started sleeping through the night by the third month, nurses / eats very well, and rarely cries. yes, we know that #2 will most likely be the exact opposite, but i don't mind that emmy's spoiling us a bit! recent highlights include her evolving vocabulary (she says mama, dada, bye-bye and sometimes dog / taytay), her first sign language communication to us ("more", of course), messy adventures with table foods, and her constant quest for mobility (she can crawl backwards and in circles, and can roll across the room... but alas, forward crawling is such an elusive thing). this coming friday, she will officially be 9 months old. we cannot believe how quickly time goes by - be sure to check out the photo gallery to see for yourself.

blair: entering the world of gray's anatomy
... will we move, or won't we?
for those of you interested in the full story of blair's big career change, wander through the blair sporadic and read his first-hand account of the past 2+ years. in a nutshell, blair ended his accenture career in may 2004 to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. from june 2004 to may 2005, he was a post-baccalaureate student at georgetown, catching up on all those required science classes that he'd taken almost a decade earlier. this foray back into the world of academics culminated with the MCAT in april 2005 and the subsequent medical school application process. while waiting to hear back from the schools, blair worked as a clinical trial data manager at the lombardi cancer center (part of the georgetown hospital center). as luck / hard work / perseverance would have it, he was accepted into FIVE medical schools - quite a happy-yet-difficult surprise for us, given blair's non-traditional background and our current family situation. after much debate, georgetown medical school won; therefore, we'll be staying in the DC area for the next four years. i'm *strongly* hoping that the residency match gods smile upon us and give us a reason to move to central / southern virginia in 2010... while DC can be a decent area, i am so done with the ridiculous prices, traffic, and competitive "type A"-ness, and i hope that emmy will have a chance to grow up closer to her maternal grandparents one day. until then, i'm eager to see how we manage to balance our personal lives with blair's rigorous school schedule.

kim: diapers, budgets & paint
as for me, plenty has changed since becoming a mommy... prior to the birth of blair's doctorly plans, we had always planned for me to become a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) once we had kids. unfortunately, that's not quite possible at this time - it's probably not the smartest thing to have two unemployed parents raising a child! anyway, given the money factor - and the necessity of good benefits / health insurance - i went back to work in february after 12 weeks of maternity leave. my previous leadership team on the irs.gov project was great; they were willing to have me come back for a flexible 20 hours per week. when that role ended in july, i was almost ready to call it quits and take a leave of absence. we had started emmy in daycare and i was just miserable - not only did she catch all of the nasty colds and viruses you hear about, i just couldn't stand to know that someone else was raising my baby while i sat in an essentially meaningless job. amazingly, at the last moment i was able to find a super flexible internal role on the global sales team. i'm now a program manager for one of our projects, working 16 very flexible hours each week. this has allowed me to pull emmy out of daycare (hurray!) and stay at home with her each day. although someone comes to watch her once a week while i attend to certain work duties, i am always here for her... and i was finally able to put away the ol' pump too! it's reassuring to see that accenture is actually trying to improve its work-life balance / flexible working arrangements / working mother policies. i was always amazed (skeptical!) to see the company "winning" all those working woman / working mother awards, so it's nice to know that they stand behind their advertised practices.

...that covers the diapers and budgets, but what about the paint?
a friend of mine convinced me to put up a website to advertise my painting hobby; he figured it wouldn't cost anything to do and that it could become a second career if it was publicized efficiently. kiddiecanvas.com is now my other site, where i showcase the children's artwork that i create in my spare time. my niche is that i can create customized acrylic paintings to match your existing decor, bedding set and/or interests. you want a hippo in a tutu dancing on a crocodile? done! or a whimsical painting to match your pottery barn kids quilt? done! of course, now i just need to find time to get back to my painting - between taking care of emmy each day and working at night, i've been more interested in house chores and SLEEP lately. hopefully that will change as we all settle into a new routine...

and yes, taylor (the dog) is still here with us right now. after a short sabbatical to study the lifestyle of a multi-dog family, she returned to find that something very exciting had happened in her absence: emmy was now experimenting with solid (table) foods! although em's aim has improved since her first encounter with veggie puffs, a fair share of cheerios, green beans and the like still sail through the air... and land directly in taylor's open mouth. at least the floor stays clean.

so now that i've embraced the life of almost-SAHM-ness, you can expect more frequent posts about our lives - everything from emmy's latest superpowers (she can wave bye-bye!) to what it's like to be married to a nontraditional medical student. although i'm sure it won't be the smoothest trip ever, i'm very interested to see where the next four years (and beyond) take us... you know, outside of the DC area, of course...

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