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pump, mommy, pump!

gotta love reading about pumping at the office! i'm actually *very* thankful that accenture is so supportive of its nursing mommies - not only do we benefit from the private wellness / lactation rooms, we also get a whole packet of nursing books and a how-to dvd! lol! and now they're even sending a special gift to expectant moms! by the time we have baby #2, think they'll throw in a year's worth of college tuition? um, maybe not, but a gal can dream... of course, now that i work from home, my pump has been retired for now - yay!

tomorrow marks the start to our first "season" of classes: emmy and i have enrolled in "music friends," baby sign language, and strollerfit. oh how i love being an (almost) stay-at-home mommy!

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