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on the prowl

halloween season has begun! we went to our first official halloween party yesterday at the MOMS Club meeting. it was a good chance to see if em's costume still fit and if she'd be happy playing in it... we have at least 4 other dress-up "parties" to attend so i'm hoping that she won't outgrow it or wear down the knees too much.

in other news, my cousin and his wife just had their second baby on tuesday - welcome baby julia! we can't wait to meet her, although that may require a trip down to georgia over one of blair's longer breaks. if she's half as cute as her big brother jackson, my cousin's going to have lots of fun when his kids are t(w)eens. heck, i'll buy him the first baseball bat (to match the one blair will have next to our door... have to scare away the suitors somehow!) and a bottle of jack daniels.

random fact of the week: emmy's latest fave foods include vietnamese lemongrass beef, tofu marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, lots and lots of rice, seaweed and uh, kiwi. so when can we introduce kimchi? heh heh heh...


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