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i ran across this site, loobylu, earlier tonight and am totally inspired! first of all, i *heart* all of her original illustrations and paintings. second, she's a mom who totally loves her little girl; in fact, she's making a one-of-a-kind ugly doll-esque doll for her daughter, inspired by the child's own artwork!!! i never would have thought of doing something like this, but what a cool idea - so original and so meaningful, both to mommy and daughter!

and then i saw another mom's original doll, ruby - how i'd kill to have that for emmy! the doll totally reminds me of em, especially with the uneven hair and adorable poses. i've always just assumed that i'd paint for emmy (and i have - just check the playroom), but perhaps i'll be driven to take up stitching and other such crafts too.

but wait, why give one gift when you can show your love on a daily basis? that's right, i could take up the art of making personalized bento boxes! elementary school emmy could open up her box at lunchtime and be greeted by a family of totoro! who knew that so many mommies have time for this?!

okay, this is where blair usually stops me and says that either 1) i'm crazy or that 2) all those moms are crazy. but i prefer to think of it as being inspired. and artsy. and in love with our kids. and well, yeah, a little nuts. with a dash of ocd thrown in for good measure. heeheehee...

oooh, and i'm working on a paid commissioned painting right now - yay!

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  1. # Anonymous jenney

    great links! I am such a slacker mom. I was so excited a few weeks ago when I put the kid's preschool snack in a xmas themed bag (an apple, a xmas cookie and a juice box). I guess I should put all those bento boxes we own to good use!  

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