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james kim: 1971-2006

husband, father, hero

i've been following the story of james and kati kim, and their daughters penelope and sabine, since citymama first posted about their disappearance on december 1. i was elated when kati and the kids were found earlier this week, and i was devastated to hear of james' passing yesterday. reading across people's comments on citymama's site, i found one that summed up everything i am feeling:

maybe it's because his death didn't have to happen, that he could have been saved too, and mabye it's the heroic and honorable choice that he made to possibly sacrifice himself for the sake of his family. maybe it's because i've been following the progress of their rescue, and maybe it's because i'm a mother now and know what it's like to love someone so much you would die for them in an instant. maybe it's because they're new young parents like us or maybe it's because they're a mixed couple. i don't know...i almost feel shocked at the vehemence of my gut reaction, but my heart goes out to them in all empathy and admiration and sympathy that my heart has to give. my heart feels gutted with the shock and sadness of their loss. -nina
rest in peace, james, wherever you are. i hope you know that your resourcefulness, strength and love have given your family the most precious gift of all: life.

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  1. # Blogger iso.bot

    I had a long discussion last night about this and why I was so passionately concerned. Normally when I am told of "tragic" events, they don't affect me in the least. It's just another news story. But for some reason this story really got me. I couldn't stop reading articles about it every day. The 1st thing I would do when I got up was to check on James Kim.

    My heart literally sank last night when I clicked on CNet and saw the headline "James Kim, 1971 - 2006."

    I didn't come up with any answers last night as to my obsession with the story. I think it's my curiosity that got me. I wanted him to be alive so bad so I could know what happened. I have so many questions. Why didn't he come back? Did he get lost? Did he die of hypothermia? When? What was he thinking? What did he do out there?

    I had set up such a great scene in my head of his joyous rescue and all the news articles I would get to read detailing the whole event.

    I'm sincerely sad for his family. I wish his children had known him longer and I hope in the future they can appreciate what he did for them.  

  2. # Anonymous jenpeck76@yahoo.com

    Another mama here devastated by James' death and amazed at both James and Kati's perseverance. Weeks later, I'm still looking for closure- which is how I found your blog. Part of the reason I continue to be so moved by James and Kati's experience is thinking of how Kati’s breastfeeding saved her daughter’s lives. As a breastfeeding mama, I'm humbled by the life sustaining stuff our bodies make—it’s amazing to me that our bodies will pull calcium from our own bones in order to produce milk and nourishment for our children. Among the many heroic efforts Kati and James made for their family, Kati fed her children from her own body. She could never have known when she decided to breastfeed her children at the time of their births, that breastfeeding would eventually save Penelope and Sabine’s lives when stranded for 9 days in Oregon’s forest. Their lives are a tribute to love and mama milk. Thanks for letting me share.  

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