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lola the sock monkey

i did it! i made my very first sock monkey!

after being inspired by kiddley.com, i decided to venture into the world of handmade crafts... and what better project than a sock monkey? they're cute, supposedly easy and hey - it's a free gift for emmy! so even though i hadn't sewn ANYTHING since 7th grade home economics class, i purchased a tiny sewing machine from target and got started last night. after a quick trip to michaels for stuffing and thread, my monkey was born a couple of hours ago. welcome lola, the holiday / winter monkey!

i've learned that sock monket construction is relatively easy but i totally need someone to show me how to sew the parts together (arms / tail to body, ears to head, etc.). i faked it well enough, but i'd like to learn how to hide the stitches better. i welcome any and all tips from you crazy sewing pros out there.

oh, and my next project? at first i though i would create monkeys for every season, every reason... but i now realize my calling: a socktopus! to be continued...


3 Responses to “lola the sock monkey”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    What a great idea! I love arts and crafts... especially photo crafts like scrapbooking. Looking forward to pictures of the socktopus. :) By the way, I had two more McRib sandwiches today...  

  2. # Blogger iso.bot

    I've been meaning to pick up this book. Looks like you could have fun with it now too. :-)  

  3. # Blogger kim

    I totally just found that book at Books A Million this weekend! It came in a set though, with 2 socks and some other accessories. Blair wanted to get it for me but I told him I'd experiment a bit more too. Sadly, socktopi are pretty common (but I'm still gonna try it!). Now I'm thinking of adding a sock spider to my queue... and perhaps even a squid!

    And Nina, you totally make me jealous! Our tiny glimpse into the retro world of messy rib-shaped-patty sandwiches was so brief... Alas, West Coast/Cali 1, East Coast/high-strung DC 0. :(  

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