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on a lighter note

last night, blair and i started singing the muppets' "mahna mahna" song to emmy. within minutes, she started singing along! now i get to add "mahna mahna" to her vocabulary list, heh heh. (it's so bizarre - she's up to about 30 spoken words now! the pediatrician tells us that 3 or 4 words is normal for a 1 year old... and that we should NOT expect this with our future children. lol)

anyway, i found the video this morning and showed it to emmy during breakfast. she looked appalled / concerned / horrified during the entire 2 minute clip. not the reaction i expected from a toddler who already says "elmo" and "big bird." yes, the sesame street marketing machine is working just fine this holiday season...

3 Responses to “on a lighter note”

  1. # Blogger iso.bot

    wow! i've never thought of "manamana" as "mahna mahna."

    cute. :-)  

  2. # Blogger kim

    that's what i found on wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahna_mahna)... but the original song actually debuted on the soundtrack of an italian softcore movie! eeeewwww.  

  3. # Anonymous Superha

    italian softcore? that's creepy, but i love that song! it's actually on my daughter's first birthday party CD. nice to "meet" you. glad you're a fellow mcrib lover. sorry mcD be hatin' on DC. :(  

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