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on wednesday, emmy and i were enjoying lunch together at the dining table. we had just come in from running errands so the radio in the kitchen was still playing in the background (we always leave it on for the dog). as em munched on the last of her zwieback cracker and i ate chips with guacamole, i looked to see that we were both bopping in our seats to justin timberlake's "sexy back." she grinned at me, i grinned at her, and we continued to shimmy in our seats. when did she grow up so fast?

in other news, our classes are going well. music class is rather interesting; while the instructor is quite crunchy / granola / earthy, she is exceedingly structured - not quite as warm-n-fuzzy as you'd expect from a child's music teacher. nevertheless, emmy plays the little instruments as well as any of the other kids and seems to enjoy the noise well enough. this week, she even chimed in with her own "ooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhooooooo" at the top of her lungs when the instructor asked for someone to lead us in a song. musical genius, i know. the sign language class is a bit more fun for me, i think, and it has reinforced our use of some basic signs at home. over the past 2 weeks, emmy has begun consistently signing "milk" during our nursing sessions, and has even begun to ask for it at random times during the day. she's also started using a variation of "more" (or little piece of food) to show me when she's hungry. carly's a great instructor and we're eager to increase our signing vocabulary. on a related note, emmy's spoken repertoire now includes a more consistent use of "dog" and the newfound "duck". she's also surprised us with some bizarre one-time sayings of "bird", "belt", and "that's the nipple". (i swear the last one really happened one morning after nursing - it's something i'll say when she's exploring her bottle / sippy cup nipple (or me!) and it left me with my jaw on the floor.) once again, i must ask: when did she grow up so fast?

anyway, it's after midnight and time for bed. i haven't gone to bed before 1am all week but i'm determined to do it tonight. i'm currently in a vicious cycle of staying up late to do my accenture work / chores, then feeling exhausted in the morning when i get up with emmy. so then i nap when she naps in the morning, which wastes valuable time when i should be doing work / chores. which means that i get very little done while emmy's awake, leaving me to stay up late to get everything done at night. which means i go to bed late. and wake up tired. and nap. and stay up late. lather, rinse, repeat. i have this optimistic dream of breaking the cycle one of these weekends... but now when i do have free time i get sucked into surfing the web. like now. or sifting through craigslist. or better yet, my latest hobby of reading the kimchi mamas. i really need to post a comment or write to nina - i can totally identify with so much of what they have to say. i'd start blogging about that (mixed-race stuff) tonight, but i promised myself an early bedtime. so g'night.

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pump, mommy, pump!

gotta love reading about pumping at the office! i'm actually *very* thankful that accenture is so supportive of its nursing mommies - not only do we benefit from the private wellness / lactation rooms, we also get a whole packet of nursing books and a how-to dvd! lol! and now they're even sending a special gift to expectant moms! by the time we have baby #2, think they'll throw in a year's worth of college tuition? um, maybe not, but a gal can dream... of course, now that i work from home, my pump has been retired for now - yay!

tomorrow marks the start to our first "season" of classes: emmy and i have enrolled in "music friends," baby sign language, and strollerfit. oh how i love being an (almost) stay-at-home mommy!

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marital bliss

congrats to melissa and seth; they joined the married folks club this weekend! and oh what a weekend it was...

melissa and i have been good friends since college; living in the chi-o house gave us lots of time to get to know one another and we've managed to live quite close ever since. she was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding back in 2001, and when she asked me to be one of hers, of course i said yes! so this past weekend, i left emmy at home with blair and traveled to new hampshire for the big event. here's what i learned:
- i hate it when the airlines lose a plane. and i hate it when they misplace a pilot. heck, i hate it when they can't find a first mate! someone needs to invent a giant lost-and-found desk for the airport because it's so annoying to have your travel plans torn to bits when planes / people go missing... and the whole "the crew is going to expire" line is getting old. someone could really stand to optimize this process a bit.
- the united airlines "customer service" desk at dulles is a total joke. you'd think they'd hire friendly, helpful people to be the client-facing department of their airline, but alas, i could get more information out of an eggplant. by the time i made it to new hampshire, i had just enough time to get my dress back from my stand-in (yes, they already picked one - i was VERY delayed) and shimmy into position. whew!
- in this day of tighter security screenings, it is NOT fun to set off alarms at the security checkpoint. i was quickly whisked into a glass booth and left on display for a good 15 minutes before security could find a female wander to pat me down. and do you know what evil, dangerous item set the alarm off? the enormous number of bobby pins in my hair. hah! apparently, updo's are very threatening.
- melissa and seth will make very pretty babies one day - they looked gorgeous!
- hurray for chi-o reunions! hi michelle, kristen, sarah, tali, sue and carrie - you gals looked great!
- and most importantly, i CAN leave emmy with blair for an overnight trip. yes, all was well when i came back home: she was fed, clean and happy, and amazingly the world didn't fall apart. i missed her like crazy, but blair helped by sending me photos of her every few hours. god bless the camera phone.

oh, and saturday was not only melissa and seth's wedding day - drumroll, please! - it was also our 5 year wedding anniversary. it's hard to believe that we've known each other for over 10 years now - that's almost a third of our lives! love ya, blockhead!

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