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happy birthday, baby!

em turned ONE yesterday, november 18 - where has all the time gone?! i can't believe my baby is so big now (i know all parents say this but it's ridiculously true!), and we've been celebrating her birthday "season" for several days now...

we hosted em's birthday playgroup on thursday. despite the pouring rain, a bunch of the kiddos in our local mom's group made it over for an afternoon of playtime and snacks. we had lots of fun and totally tired ourselves out.
8 friends between 5-16 months + 8 mommies + 1 townhouse = ZOO

on friday, my parents came up from hampton - emmy was thrilled to see them again and i'm pretty sure they were tickled pink too.

saturday was the big day - little emmy graduated to toddlerhood! after much debate, blair and i decided to host one big party at the house for both family and friends. we wanted to set the precedent that em's american and korean sides-traditions-people can co-exist happily in one gathering. so, in true korean fashion, we held a tol (toljabee) ceremony . we did it at the beginning of the party so em wouldn't have to wear the hanbok for long... especially since the dress is almost 28 years old! yup, emmy wore the hanbok that i wore for my first birthday! (oh, how that made me sooo happy!) and when we pushed her up to the table...

emmy went straight for the cold hard cash!
the crowd was quite pleased - looks like she'll be rich one day!

and then in one quick motion, emmy grabbed both the paint brush and pencil together! what a perfect tie: she'll inherit mommy's artsy genes and daddy's more studious side. (yeah, mommy was studious too, but it was a *georgetown* pencil after all - hah!)

the party was tons of fun - we'll keep posting lots of pics as we get / upload / process them... thanks so much to everyone who made it - we love you all and are thrilled to share emmy's milestones with you!

after all of the festivities, emmy was pooped - and so am i.
good night, everyone!


catching up on the last month

things have gotten pretty busy here in the lee household and sadly, i've fallen behind in my posts. it's a slippery slope - the next thing you know, i'll be posting that blair's a doctor and that emmy is graduating from college! so, to recap the past 30 or so days...

halloween happenings: emmy's social calendar filled up with various halloween-themed playgroups and parties and the little leopard costume valiantly carried us through the whole frightful season. i've uploaded lots of gratuitous party pics in the october photo album. the dcmm fairfax iv mom's group threw a spectacular outdoor party at one of the member's houses and we frolicked with about 30 other kiddos. i do believe that emmy will grow up to be the type of person that hangs around the buffet table at parties, though, as she pigged out on snacks and melon (honeydew and cantaloupe are her fave fruits right now) - the kids must just *know* that it's a special eating day! afterwards, emmy trick-or-treated around our part of the neighborhood and got some top-shelf loot (for daddy, of course!).

emmy wore blue: on voting day (11/7), emmy helped me cast my votes for a more democratic virginia. she smacked that giant "VOTE" button like no one's business (yes, after i made my choices), and thanks to people like us virginia now has a democrat in the senate. woohoo! this was emmy's first taste of democracy in action... and the nice man even gave her a sticker of her own.

movin' on up: up the stairs, that is. emmy just started climbing up stairs and is suddenly confident enough to scale tne entire flight of stairs between the basement / playroom and the main level. she also constantly goes up the 3 steps between the living room and dining room, but since she can't figure out how to go down them on her own, is frequently stuck crawling laps around the foyer-kitchen-dining room area.

hapa pride: i read the kimchimamas' blog a LOT now, and i'm always wishing that i lived closer to them or others like us (mixed asian descent). there are just some issues / experiences that would be nice to share with a common community, and i know i always longed for kids like me growing up. anyway, at a recent neighborhood mom's gathering, i hit the jackpot! there's another family with 2 half-korean, half-american girls, and they live right around the corner!!! the mom seemed super nice and i look forward to getting to know them more. (there's also a part-japanese family in our row - so much hapa goodness!)

and lastly...

day 361 and counting... it's emmy's first birthday this saturday!!!

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