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happy new year!

yeah, so it's 26 minutes early... but i have a feeling that my typing skills will go down as my champagne intake increases tonight (we just stopped nursing this week *snif* so i can drink for the first time in almost 2 years!).

have a wonderful new year, everyone - can't wait to see what 2007 brings to all of us!

lola the sock monkey

i did it! i made my very first sock monkey!

after being inspired by kiddley.com, i decided to venture into the world of handmade crafts... and what better project than a sock monkey? they're cute, supposedly easy and hey - it's a free gift for emmy! so even though i hadn't sewn ANYTHING since 7th grade home economics class, i purchased a tiny sewing machine from target and got started last night. after a quick trip to michaels for stuffing and thread, my monkey was born a couple of hours ago. welcome lola, the holiday / winter monkey!

i've learned that sock monket construction is relatively easy but i totally need someone to show me how to sew the parts together (arms / tail to body, ears to head, etc.). i faked it well enough, but i'd like to learn how to hide the stitches better. i welcome any and all tips from you crazy sewing pros out there.

oh, and my next project? at first i though i would create monkeys for every season, every reason... but i now realize my calling: a socktopus! to be continued...


baby got a new pair o' shoes

happy holidays, everyone!

we had a great long weekend, celebrating with my folks who came to visit and eating waaaay too much food. i think emmy had a great time too, although all of the attention and gift opening left her a little overwhelmed on christmas day. she fought her naptime and didn't go to sleep until after 2ish, but thankfully woke up refreshed enough to spend more quality time with the grandparents.

since blair has the rest of the week off, time to make some family fun plans!


ho, ho, ho!

she didn't cry, she didn't pout
she thinks he's nuts, without a doubt!

emmy's snug in her bed waiting for santa to come... are you?


one year recap

i finally found a way to grab all the pics from emmy's one year photo shoot; some of my faves are shown above. (yup, that's my korean dress she's wearing!)

we'll be laying low until the holidays - em's currently recovering from a reaction to the mmr / chicken pox vaccination she got 10 days ago AND a nasty stomach virus. seems like all the kiddos around here have something... hand sanitizer, anyone?

on a more positive note, blair's on break until early january. yay for family time! and yay for birthdays too - be sure to wish him a good one tomorrow!



i ran across this site, loobylu, earlier tonight and am totally inspired! first of all, i *heart* all of her original illustrations and paintings. second, she's a mom who totally loves her little girl; in fact, she's making a one-of-a-kind ugly doll-esque doll for her daughter, inspired by the child's own artwork!!! i never would have thought of doing something like this, but what a cool idea - so original and so meaningful, both to mommy and daughter!

and then i saw another mom's original doll, ruby - how i'd kill to have that for emmy! the doll totally reminds me of em, especially with the uneven hair and adorable poses. i've always just assumed that i'd paint for emmy (and i have - just check the playroom), but perhaps i'll be driven to take up stitching and other such crafts too.

but wait, why give one gift when you can show your love on a daily basis? that's right, i could take up the art of making personalized bento boxes! elementary school emmy could open up her box at lunchtime and be greeted by a family of totoro! who knew that so many mommies have time for this?!

okay, this is where blair usually stops me and says that either 1) i'm crazy or that 2) all those moms are crazy. but i prefer to think of it as being inspired. and artsy. and in love with our kids. and well, yeah, a little nuts. with a dash of ocd thrown in for good measure. heeheehee...

oooh, and i'm working on a paid commissioned painting right now - yay!

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on a lighter note

last night, blair and i started singing the muppets' "mahna mahna" song to emmy. within minutes, she started singing along! now i get to add "mahna mahna" to her vocabulary list, heh heh. (it's so bizarre - she's up to about 30 spoken words now! the pediatrician tells us that 3 or 4 words is normal for a 1 year old... and that we should NOT expect this with our future children. lol)

anyway, i found the video this morning and showed it to emmy during breakfast. she looked appalled / concerned / horrified during the entire 2 minute clip. not the reaction i expected from a toddler who already says "elmo" and "big bird." yes, the sesame street marketing machine is working just fine this holiday season...

james kim: 1971-2006

husband, father, hero

i've been following the story of james and kati kim, and their daughters penelope and sabine, since citymama first posted about their disappearance on december 1. i was elated when kati and the kids were found earlier this week, and i was devastated to hear of james' passing yesterday. reading across people's comments on citymama's site, i found one that summed up everything i am feeling:

maybe it's because his death didn't have to happen, that he could have been saved too, and mabye it's the heroic and honorable choice that he made to possibly sacrifice himself for the sake of his family. maybe it's because i've been following the progress of their rescue, and maybe it's because i'm a mother now and know what it's like to love someone so much you would die for them in an instant. maybe it's because they're new young parents like us or maybe it's because they're a mixed couple. i don't know...i almost feel shocked at the vehemence of my gut reaction, but my heart goes out to them in all empathy and admiration and sympathy that my heart has to give. my heart feels gutted with the shock and sadness of their loss. -nina
rest in peace, james, wherever you are. i hope you know that your resourcefulness, strength and love have given your family the most precious gift of all: life.

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