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and then there was snow

apparently emmy and i went down for a long winter's nap today! upon waking from our (shared) nap at 2:00 pm, i looked outside to see the wintry goodness piling up around our house (as much as 3 or 4 inches can pile).

the good news? it snowed!

the bad news? it snowed!

i love snowy winter days as much as the next gal, but after four years of living in ithaca, new york i've pretty much had my fill. now i usually see snow as a pain in the butt, something else to slow down d.c. traffic and make it harder for me to get to work / stores / OUT. i'm hoping that emmy will change all that - it's definitely cool to see things that you take for granted through the eyes of your child. i think emmy enjoyed our little jaunt out in the neighborhood today. thank goodness i finally bought snow boots for her just two days ago! (thank you, target clearance aisle! and if you need boots for your little one, they're just $4.98 - what a steal!)

wait, who am i kidding? she can't walk yet - but at least her feet were warm and stylin'!

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4 Responses to “and then there was snow”

  1. # Blogger Bethany

    After living in the Midwest for most of my life, I definitely agree with you that snow is more of a hiderance than anything else. It's pretty when you're inside, looking out the window, but that's about it.
    The pink boots are super cute! :-)  

  2. # Blogger Beloved

    I hate snow but I still do get excited the first and maybe second time it snows every year. Although I have to admit, I was a lot more excited to see flurries in Korea, where I knew the white stuff wasn't going to be sticking around long.
    Emmy certainly is stylin'. Such a cutie-pie!  

  3. # Anonymous Tamer

    Hey Kim! I haven't visited in a little while but always love reading the updates on your site of all the fun in Restonia! Loved the little video - amazing how fast adorable little Emmy is growing up! And looks like you've got quite the brilliant little lady on your hands ;-) Hope you're all having fun playing in the snow for those of us in the south who don't get any!  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    She looks so adorable in her snow gear. I don't envy you the snow, but I would like for Bella to experience it.  

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