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back to routine

blair went back to school today; he begins his second semester of medical school with 30 credits of classes and seminars looming on the horizon. while blair toils away with biochemistry, physiology and the like, emmy and i will be working hard at playing, reading and naptime. i sure do hope we all do well!

it's tough getting back into the swing of things after such a long, lovely break. i had to crack open the planner last night to see what's on our schedule this week. we've got 2 playgroups and 1 toddler "support" group meeting, i think. i'm glad that we've decided to take a break from any classes - there's enough to do as it is! and i have resolved to get to bed earlier so that i can be more productive during the day, especially when emmy naps. that means no more mommy naps! (okay, so i'm being very optimistic... but wouldn't it be so much better for me to get my blogging, emailing and maybe even work-work done during the day so that i can get to bed at a decent hour?)

anyway, i have to admit that i really like the return of our mommy-and-emmy time each day. as great as it was to have blair at home for 2 weeks, it's nice to fall back into the ol' swing of things: seeing playgroup friends, running errands, and playing endlessly with the little one. and i'm sure that he's somewhat relieved to be back in his world of academia too! but we'll miss you, dear daddy, so get home for dinner quick! i think our little chef is cooking something special just for you! and this one's totally yours - i changed the first one earlier today. stinky!

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