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like static cling

this is my daily view of the em-ster. she's gotten a little... clingy lately. she's a big fan of mine; i hear "mama-mama-MAAAMAAAA!" many times each day, especially when strangers (or her dad) is nearby. i reassure them (him) that this is just a phase and that she'll probably want nothing to do with me in a few months. until then, it's the emmy & mommy show, playing 24-7 at a playgroup near you.

and in other news...

welcome two new additions to our socktacular sock family! first up is oscar the socktopus, a friendly eight-legged sea creature who enjoys fine dining and long walks on the beach. his snazzy red bow tie shows that he's always ready for a night out on the town, although he's slightly incredulous that you'd pick him to go on your date. this insecurity comes from years of being picked last in gym class, even though he's quite an athletic fellow with good ball handling skills. next to him is nake the snake, our happy argyle'd reptile extraordinaire. nake was born without eyes sadly, but has been fortunate enough to be blessed with an extra sensitive tongue. he spends most of his time hanging out at the local playground, hogging the top of the slide in hopes of surprising too-eager young tots.

so what does emmy think of all this? apparently she only wants her "roh-ra" (lola)! she is most definitely NOT a fan of oscar (is he really that scary looking?) so he's been gifted to the hubby. on the plus side, she does seem to enjoy playing with her "nake" and frequently drags him around the playroom. em's friends, however, seem to be more welcoming of our growing menagerie - playmate amanda enjoyed gnawing on oscar's tentacles (who wouldn't like a little calamari, really?) while andrew carried nake all around the house. so what's next? i'm thinking of doing another monkey to improve my sewing skills; i have a great pair of striped socks that look just like a "jojo" to me! (and no, that's NOT in honor of that strange little clown girl from "jojo's circus" - seriously, her yoga show kinda creeps me out.) and yes, i DO realize that i can use more than just socks for my sewing projects (thanks, honey!); i just haven't found the time to get to the fabric store, especially since target has so many cute socks on clearance.

got any sewing ideas or requests? just let me know! maybe i'll even make you a little something too!

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  1. # Anonymous Superha

    Oooh, perhaps a sock cell phone... a sockaphone! That'd be so cute. Ash loves to hold anything (and I do mean anything) to her ear and say "Hello?". Love the backstory to your sock puppets. The bowtie? Killer.  

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