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29 candles

this is my year of red. it started with a new jacket at christmas. i feel like the color just fits me now. after years of black, charcoal gray and other neutrals, i like the color's boldness, strength and fun. it's got oomph. and so, i unveil my birthday loot - i swear it wasn't planned this way:

  • the new mesa red vera backpack is courtesy of my folks. now that emmy's getting older, her accessories take up a lot less space than they used to... i look forward to using this one over the summer, especially on errands and trips to the park. hurray for hands-free storage!

  • the hot red 8gb ipod nano is from my sweet baboo. he saw me lusting over it at the apple store months ago... i'd never buy such a thing for myself so the gift came as quite a surprise! it replaces my old green mini ipod - a retired "relic" from early 2004, lol. guess who's using that now? (no, not emmy - she has her own playlist on my red nano. we like to share!)

  • the awesome fuzzy red hat and scarf set were handmade (and hand-delivered!) by carolyn. i love 'em!!! and they match the pink set she made for emmy - we're going to be quite the pair this valentine's day!
and while the gifts are super nice, the best part of the birthday was all of the extra time with family and friends. blair had the entire weekend to be a great husband and daddy, and we finally had the chance to catch up with good friends. from dinner with carolyn and henry to superbowl good eats with jason, angela and their kids, we relaxed and had fun and took a break from all things academic. we even managed to fit in a quick dinner at big bowl tonight, although it ended on a sad note as emmy was reduced to tears when her fortune cookie fell to the floor and shattered. poor baby, i totally forgot we had a couple of extras at home.

anyway, back to real life - one year older. this is going to be a great year! i can't wait to see what's coming my way over the next 12 months. after all, i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by these hotties:

emmy signing "car/drive"

blair's looking hot but feeling cold

p.s. - blair gave the keynote address at today's georgetown medical school donor mass. afterwards, he was even interviewed by washingtonpost radio - you rock, sweetie!

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11 Responses to “29 candles”

  1. # Blogger Bethany

    Happy Birthday, Kim! I love that red ipod!  

  2. # Blogger tonisan9

    Happy Birthday Kim! geez...are we getting old?  

  3. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    Happy Birthday! Red is a great color. I have to say, though, the red scarf looks prettier on you... :-)  

  4. # Blogger Beloved

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Well. . .you know how the rest goes. Hope you have a fabulous year!  

  5. # Blogger Rachel

    Happy Birthday! Nice haul. :)  

  6. # Anonymous Superha

    Happy birthday, youngin! You guys look great in your new scarves. Emmy is so adorable doing the signs. Enjoy your loot. Red is one of my favorite colors, too! :)  

  7. # Blogger Snickollet

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your lovely gifts and your lovely family.  

  8. # Blogger Carol

    Kim, thanks for stopping by! Your blog and baby are so cute. I like the red iPod, I just got a boring ol' silver one, but can't complain, I didn't pay for it. And happy birthday, too! Glad to have a new blog friend.  

  9. # Blogger Rebecca

    Happy Birthday! All of that red is really you showing your ‘ole high school spirit, right? Yeah, right! :P  

  10. # Blogger kim

    Thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes, everyone! They're keeping me warm in this ridiculously frosty weather. :)

    Toni - We're not "old", we're just finely aged... like a nice Riesling, perhaps from around the Finger Lakes region? Mmm...

    Becky - NOOOOOOO!!! College spirit, sure, but NOT that! Anything but Crabber pride! Eeek!  

  11. # Blogger honglien123

    Happy Birthday Kim! =) Thank you for your birthday wish on my blog. Our hubbies both had the same idea, I got an 8gb MP3 player too (not an iPod though as I wanted one with a radio). You look fab in red btw and your baby is so cute.

    I can't believe I've never visited your site before, thanks for linking me. I'll definitely be back.  

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