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cleaning house

late the other night, i randomly caught a rerun of oprah winfrey's show. i normally never watch the show, but the topic was something about improving yourself this year and heck, i just wanted some background noise while i got ready for bed. anyway, the guest happened to be the home/personal organizer from one of those tlc shows, clean sweep i think. (i used to be hooked on the tlc network, especially trading spaces, but i no longer have time to procrastinate my house chores by watching shows about those house chores!) the guy was giving lots of statistics about how in the past x years, americans have more than doubled the size of their homes... and how those same people have also been relying more heavily on long-term storage facilities. his lesson: basically the more space you have, the more junk you fill it with - but it doesn't have to be that way! (or so he says, at least.)

now, i've always dreamed of living in one of those pottery barn catalogs. you know, where the furniture and paint and accent pieces all coordinate so well, and everything is just so. i fantasize about the day that we'll have furniture, clothes and pretty much nothing else - no clutter to pile up on tables and desks, or to hide behind cabinets and closets. of course, i've changed that dream since emmy came around; after all, her "clutter" is important stuff: toys to play with/learn from, one-of-a-kind artwork, board books to read 56 times a day, and so on. but i still hold on to that clutter-less dream for myself and the hubby, my pile-maker extraordinaire.

the guy on oprah made one statement that totally hit home with me: of all the stuff that you have, the great majority of it falls into one of two categories. it's either 1) stuff you plan on using one day (or think that you'll find a use for, like those jeans that are one size too tight, or that extra box/appliance/tool/etc.) or 2) stuff that you hold on to because of the memories (like that special lucky shirt you wore in college, but not mementos like photographs - they're sacred!). so... this means that you're always living in the future or the past, but never living in the present. and since you're not living in the present, how can you make the most of your life / reach the happiness that you want now?

personally, i have totally been plagued by the constant nagging of so many organizational chores around here. and hey, a lot of that would go away if we didn't have so much stuff to organize! my first step: purging and re-organizing the bedroom closet. i emptied 2 giant totes of clothes today. so much of it was corporate-business-casual work clothing that i put away when i got pregnant with emmy. since i haven't had to work in the office since last summer (i *love* my flexible virtual work arrangement), i figure i should be really, truly brutal and purge as much as possible. and i figure if/when i ever do go back to an office, i'll need to update my wardrobe anyway, right? so between all that and the actual closet, i'm amassing quite the bag of reject clothes and accessories. looks like i'll be freecycling a lot this week!

oh, and it was a nice ego boost to actually fit into all of those work clothes again! plus, my closet has been re-stocked with nice outfits that i haven't worn in almost two years... it's like going on a free shopping spree!

anyhoo, i'll be heading back upstairs tonight to continue the great clothing sort of 2007. hope you're having as exciting a friday night as i am! more home organizing to come...

...cause where exactly are you supposed to store all those tiny pairs of toddler shoes, for instance?


3 Responses to “cleaning house”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    Having younger nieces and nephews forces me to purge the twins' old clothes and toys and pack them up for the others.

    I've also moved almost every year of my life since I was 14 (boarding school, then college, etc). I've learned to get rid of a lot of my stuff, because I'm just too lazy to pack it up! However, we've been living in this house for almost two years now, and the stuff we've accumulated is unreal. We're trying to move to another state though, so hopefully I can do some purging soon. It's the only way I'll do it!! It's just too overwhelming otherwise.

    Good luck this weekend! It's never fun doing it, but it feels so good afterwards, doesn't it?  

  2. # Blogger Beloved

    Oh, that's so funny. I watched that Oprah show and then I cleaned out my bedroom closet too! I feel so clean.  

  3. # Blogger honglien123

    I dream of living the life portrayed in those Pottery Barn catelogs too! I always say one day...when the kids are older and don't require as many toys, or clothes, or books, or (insert child's necessity here). In other words, maybe I'll have it when I retire.  

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