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dinner was quite the success tonight: we had a delicious meal of sole stuffed with scallops and crabmeat, julienned carrots in a light maple glaze, whole green beans with red peppers and a side of rice. and the great part? not only did blair and i like it, emmy gobbled it all down like she'd been starved for days. that girl loves her food! and know what's even better? i didn't have to do a darn thing except heat the oven and serve the food! want to know my secret? shhh... come closer... closer... i totally cheated with a la zing! they're an off-shoot of the omaha steak company, and i had randomly run across some specials right after the holidays. we got 4 full meals for 2 people (well, 3 since i share with em) for less than $50, including shipping. i figured it would be way cheaper than eating out, so what the heck? now i'm excited to try the other dishes we received, but i'll save them for days when i have zero time to cook. (btw, i totally recommend googling for a la zing introductory specials before you order from their site - you can get lots of food for cheap, and sometimes even free knives! lol)

so that solved today's dilemma of what to feed emmy... from my previous post's comments, it looks like we're all running out of interesting, tasty ideas for the kids. perhaps i'll make that a continuing series of this blog - and i would love to hear from you if something yummy has crossed your table recently! last night's thai red curry chicken was super easy and em seemed to like it, but i did have to rinse some of the spices off first. (growing up, i fondly remember my mom doing that with kimchi for me... oh, the memories!) i'll try to post the occasional recipe too, once it earns the emmy-stamp of approval, of course.

on a totally different note, head over to beloved babbling and check out a great future gift idea for your little multi-culti cutie! i knew that the american girl doll company lets you customize a doll to look just like you / your child, but this just takes the cake! emmy already has 2 hanboks of her own (one inherited, one just sent from my korean relatives) and will inherit several more from my childhood collection, so i can totally see getting her a doll and this outfit when she's a bit older.

for now, she already has this awesome build-a-bear hanbok - we got it for her first birthday last november. i have to say that i was mighty impressed with the amount of detail that went into that outfit. just from browsing online, it looks like all of their international collectiwear is very well done, from the traditional red cheong-sam to the boy and girl kimonos... and even to their arctic fisherman(bear?)! as you can see, we totally love our toys in the lee household. :)

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  1. # Anonymous jenney

    Its so hard to find ethnic-multiethnic dolls! I bought corinne an asian american girl knock off that she loves. That site is so great I love the ao dai and the cheong sam for the AG doll. I definitely have to get corinne one for her b-day.
    thanks for sharing the links!  

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