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i'm a weirdo too!

for the first time EVER, i've been tagged by lien for the "six weird things about you" meme. since i'm a newbie, i've decided to be gentle on myself. unlike motherhood uncensored's version, i'm bringing you...

six weird things about me: food edition

1. this goes horribly against my korean roots but... know what i consider the perfect comfort food? a bowl of sticky white rice, a plate of crispy hot bacon strips and a pile of ggaktugi kimchi. i know it's freakish, but there's something delicious about getting that mix of hot, sticky, crispy, salty, spicy and crunchy in my mouth all at once. (and re-reading that sentence makes me wonder if people will start to randomly find this blog via googling gone astray. ew!)

2. growing up, i thought tang was actual, honest-to-goodness orange juice. when people would give me real, fresh-from-an-orange juice, i would shudder at how sour it tasted. i have no idea why my parents decided to buy tang instead of regular oj. it was only during college that i was forced to face the horrid truth: tang really isn't that good for you after all, with all of its sugary goodness. since then, i've switched to real juice for my health... but every once in a while, i'll dip into the sunny d california (smooth) style for a quick hit. btw, if tang was good enough for astronauts, it was good enough for me, right?

3. in another hit to my korean pride, i went through a short phase where i thought peanut butter and jelly tasted great when mixed with... kimchi and rice. *shudder* sorry about that one - i have no explanation. all i can say is that i was young and foolish.

4. if you take a look at zenkimchi's list of strange korean foods, i've eaten numbers 11, 10, 7, 5, 4, 3 and kinda 1 (see #5 below). personally, i'd rather eat live octopus in a pusan seafood warehouse than ever taste fresh, raw sea cucumber or sea squirt (mung-gah) ever again... one mouthful of salty water, gushing out of squishy sea flesh, was more than enough for moi.

5. back in late spring - summer 2004, the rare 17-year cicadas emerged from their lengthy underground hibernation in many areas of the united states. i think one of their club hideouts was directly under our front yard tree, as the front wall of our house was COVERED in the buggers. the local news carried many stories about how local chefs were "harvesting" and serving the cicadas. blair, being the uber-adventurous eater that he is, suggested that we try it too. after much convincing, we conducted our own cicada harvest, plucking the white cicada nymphs off the wall and quick-killing them in the freezer for a few minutes. after that, they were breaded, fried and eaten by us and several friends. it went over so well that i did a fear factor-esque "cicada cook-off" at work; co-workers actually ate ALL of the cicada scampii (fried without batter), chicken-fried cicadas and cicada sashimi (raw!!!). my verdict: a little nutty but not that great. and anything breaded and fried will just taste... breaded and fried. NO, i did NOT eat the raw ones. yuck!

6. after #5, i'll end on an easy one. i do not have much of a sweet tooth (except during pregnancy). my idea of a perfect dessert (or heck, breakfast) is a leftover hot dog, cold slice of pizza or the like. anything, pretty much, that's savory and filling. (and on the breakfast note, i had a streak in high school where i ate microwaved corndogs for breakfast before school. mmm... what a way to start an academic day!)

if you had the patience to read this loooong post, i totally ought to treat you to something yummy. i tag halfmama, beloved and superha - let's see your weirdness too!

oh goodness, did my mommy actually eat all that stuff???

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8 Responses to “i'm a weirdo too!”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    That's funny. I think Sunny Delight was my first intro to OJ. Sorry about the bacon... no can do. Great pic of Em with the glasses! Corndogs, hot dogs, and pizza? Me, too! :)  

  2. # Blogger honglien123

    Tang and Sunny D were my first orange-y drinks too. Those and Tampico. Heck, I still drink those things.

    AND...is there any meat that doesn't go well with rice and kimchi or other asian pickled veggies? When I'm in a hurry, I still eat kielbasa or spam, rice and kimchi or chinese pickles.  

  3. # Blogger Carol

    Kim, cicadas? Na-HAS-ty. But I judge you not. I used to love sea cucumber in this seafood dish we would get at the Korean-style Chinese restaurant by my dad's work. I called them oogly-googlies when I was a kid, until I found out what they really were, on a science documentary showing how they are bottom feeders and turn themselves inside out. It was so gross. Similar story with tripe, which my mom always referred to as "white go-gi". Uh-huh. I still like her sul-lung-tang, though.  

  4. # Blogger halfmama

    Ok I love kimchi and rice with anything. So I thought. PB&J...? Whew. That's definitely a new one!

    I wish I had the courage to look at zenkimchi's list. I'm sure I've eaten a lot of those foods and don't even know it. I don't think I want to know.

    Okay, now I have to go dig up my weird things... :)  

  5. # Blogger Hanh

    hey thanks for dropping by, i'm glad i found a fellow blogger going through the same shitty traffic as me! va to dc? I've heard horror stories, i don't even want to think about that ride!
    bacon and kimchi actually sounds really good right now, i'll have to try it =d
    p.s. your daughter is freaking adorable.  

  6. # Blogger Beloved

    Thanks for tagging me, Kim! I just completed my "weird" post. I have to say though, that you've got me beat with your weird food adventures. I prided myself on being a courageous eater in Korea, but that mainly boiled down to eating things that were highly likely to be riddled with salmonella. I never could bring myself to eat the weird things--like grasshoppers or silk worm larvae--I encountered. I thought I was doing really well with overcoming my aversion to squid and eel. You've truly impressed me here!  

  7. # Blogger halfmama

    Ok, I worked up the courage to check out zenkimchi's list. And I'm seriously not sure if I've had those foods or not! They look familiar. But the only one I'm quite sure about is #7. And I know I haven't had 3, 2, or 1. Maybe I need to get out more. I usually think I'm pretty courageous with foods. But, those last three... I don't know if I could try those. I have the utmost respect for your cicada experience!

    Your #1 is making my stomach growl, btw. Bacon. Kimchi. Bop. Mmmm...

    Btw, I posted my six things today. Thanks for tagging me!  

  8. # Blogger asiangarden

    Kai-Li is twenty months, and driving be crazy! lol
    I thought I was adventuresome by eating duck feet and duck tongue...I guess not!  

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