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k-u-dos to you!

our good friends carolyn and henry came over for dinner and game night. us gals have a looong tradition of absolutely killing the husbands at every game we play, of course! after a rousing game of scene it, we moved on to an old fave: taboo. during one of the rounds, blair tried to describe the word "kudos". in a final, last ditch effort...

blair: uh, what would the initials of kansas university be?
henry: K-U
blair: right! and what was microsoft's first operating system?
henry: dos!
blair: right! so put 'em together!!!
henry: K-U-dos? K-U-dos? K-U-dos! K-U-dos!!! ...and repeat until timer runs out
oh man, there wasn't a dry eye (or pair of underwear) left in the house! poor blair and henry, maybe next time you should skip the wine! (and if you don't get how incredibly silly this was, maybe you just had to be there.)

in other exciting news, emmy signed 3 new words for the first time today: shoes, socks and apple! then tonight, carolyn gave her a belated christmas gift: a pink hand-crocheted hat and scarf set. they are the perfect size for little emmy; as soon as i put them on her, she grinned as wide as possible and knew she was stylin'. thanks, miss carolyn! i'll have to post some new dress-up pics soon!

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3 Responses to “k-u-dos to you!”

  1. # Blogger Rebecca

    Silly boys! I wish we could have joined in the fun!  

  2. # Blogger kim

    we wish you could have been here too! all you have to do is move, you know... muahahhaha...  

  3. # Anonymous Superha

    that's an awesome example of geekdom at its best. impressive! :) (i'm a geek, too!)  

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