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little bits o' happiness

i found one of those tiny hand-held shopping baskets that comes with plastic fruits and veggies and bought it for emmy today. i want to get her a play kitchen later in the year, but figured this will be enough for now. after dinner, she emptied the entire basket, put the basket on her head, and squealed with delight as she signed "crab". um, yeah...we have NO idea what that means, you silly girl.

anyway, i was browsing through some photos tonight and came across one of my favorites from last april... i cannot believe how big emmy is now! she's even cleaning up her toys and putting them away when we ask - what a big girl! i think her spoken vocabulary is up to the 40-50 word range now, and she loves to ask for songs by name ("row-row-row" or "star!" for twinkle, twinkle little star). you make us so proud, emmy baby!

not much else to report right now... but i did have an awesome ego boost last night! i was cleaning up our guest room closet, looking for formal dresses to donate (the local community center collects dresses for prom season). after finally getting back to my pre-emmy weight, i decided to try on a couple of the dresses and see how they fit. oh goodness, i fit back into all of them! even the dresses i wore to my sorority formals! even the bridesmaids dresses! even the gorgeous dress i got from the ann taylor loft clearance rack years ago and never found an occasion to wear! so i'm definitely feeling pumped... and looking for an excuse to dress up. want to go on a date? :)

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2 Responses to “little bits o' happiness”

  1. # Blogger Snickollet

    Congrats on the dresses! I recently wore some pre-pregnancy dress pants to work and felt so proud.

    Maddie and Riley played with one of those baskets of fruit at a friend's house last weekend and loved it. I need to find one for them.  

  2. # Anonymous Superha

    Good for you! Some women never get back to their old selves... not that there's anything wrong with that.  

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