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my favorite childhood books

earlier this week, i mentioned the rice daddies blogaversary children's book review contest. i finally wrote a couple of reviews the other night and sent them in - and hurray, they were posted today! i heartily endorse trouble for trumpets and panda cake, and read the latter to emmy frequently. she'll get to read all about those cute trumpets (teddy-bear-hippo-like critters who must battle their evil counterparts, the grumpets) when she's like 16. or 30. or maybe from behind a glass wall. just kidding, but the book is no longer published and is quite hard (and pricey) to find. good thing i have a spare copy on my bookshelf!


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  1. # Blogger daddy in a strange land

    Thanks for submitting, Kim!  

  2. # Blogger Rachel

    Those both sound great! I'll have to check them out. I'm interested in the books in your sidebar too. There aren't enough great Asian-American children's books.  

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