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new year yummies

happy lunar new year, everyone!

in true lee family fashion, we decided to celebrate today with food - and lots of it. since we always do the traditional korean new year's gathering / sebae on january 1st, the day was wide open... and our tummies needed some fillin'!

for an early brunch, we met up with our old friends abbie and jack and enjoyed yummy dim sum at mark's duck house in falls church. it's a good thing we had reservations because the place was packed. the restaurant is definitely a hole in the wall in your typical strip mall, but the washingtonian always gives it good reviews, both for the quality of its food and its affordability. even better, it's filled with asian folks - always a good sign. we all pigged out and enjoyed a relaxing lunch, and even emmy had more than her fill of dumplings, tofu and turnip cake.


as we parted ways after lunch, blair and i looked at each other and shared one simple thought: banh mi! so we drove around the corner to eden center and arrived just in time for the vietnamese new year festivities. the lion dancers were in the midst of going from store to store, lighting off firecrackers at each entrance. emmy enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the crowd, as well as the dancers, but she was a bit perturbed by the loud (and lengthy!) firecracker banners. we ducked into song que (the deli owned by the huong que / four sisters family, i believe) and got some yummies for the car ride home. you just cannot beat their crispy grilled pork banh mi, especially when each one is only $2.50 - what a steal! between that and our taro boba, our tummies were finally topped off, yum!

if you were in the celebrating mood, i hope you all had a wonderfully tasty new year too! i'll leave you with today's message of the day, brought to us by our lovely boba "lid": Some People. Example is better than precept. it's accompanied by a picture of a sassy nurse holding a very large syringe. i'll let you figure that one out - we still haven't!

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7 Responses to “new year yummies”

  1. # Blogger Carol

    Glad you guys had fun! It was too cold to venture to Chinatown for their parade this year, and lil' T has been fighting cold, so we celebrated by driving around so T would take a nap, and had lunch at the mall (Sakkio's teriyaki chicken!). I could go for a boba tea right now ... love those lost-in-translation random messages you find on various candy wrappers, pencil boxes, even those hot water dispenser thingies. Puzzling, but so cute.  

  2. # Blogger asiangarden

    Yummy! Happy Lunar New year to you too!
    How old is your daughter? She looks like she could be around my youngest daughter's age.  

  3. # Blogger halfmama

    That looks SOOO GOOD! Yum. So jealous. Emmy must have loved it all. How could she not?? :)  

  4. # Anonymous Lori

    New reader here, but THANK YOU for mentioning Eden Center!!!! I went there once about 10 years ago, and I didn't note the location or anything and I've been looking for it ever since. I'd started to think I'd imagined the place.

    We're Mark's Duck House fans, too.  

  5. # Anonymous Superha

    Ben had banh mi for lunch yesterday and today! I like the egg banh mi and Ben likes the house special with all the different meats. :) Boba rules. You're lucky to live in a big city. We have to go to L.A. (2 hours away) to get any of that cool stuff. :(  

  6. # Blogger Beloved

    This post made me very jealous because:
    1. I was reminded of where you live.
    2. Because of #1, you have access to so many fabulous food choices. We're doing good with sushi where we live.  

  7. # Blogger honglien123

    Happy New year Kim! Your post is making me really hungry. 11am isn't too early for lunch is it?

    P.S. I tagged you for a meme, hopefully you haven't done it before. ^_^  

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