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potty sophisticate

when you're a sophisticated lady like emmy, you expect the finer things in life: premium goldfish crackers, top-shelf whole milk lactaid and clean diapers. here's our week in review:
sunday: nothing
monday: 2 pees, 1 poop w/pee
tuesday: 2 pees, 1 poop w/pee
today: 1 poop w/pee so far...

okay, so maybe that's a little tmi(!), but our laid-back approach to familiarizing ourselves with the potty seems to be working well. i know we need to jump to training pants to really get this underway, but i hadn't expected that we'd be doing so well so fast. perhaps this weekend... i even bought a pack of cool alert pull-ups last night in case i'm too lazy to keep up with the cotton ones...

oh, and just try to guess how many "oh my gawd, that lady is CRAZY" stares i got at playgroup this morning when the topic came up. there were also a couple of embarrassed "my kid is waaaay older and we don't even HAVE a potty" looks too. lol, i'm sure they think i'm pushing emmy too hard but seriously, she's doing this on her own! all i do is take her diaper off and help her climb on the seat, i swear!

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7 Responses to “potty sophisticate”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    I think I'd like to be a "Lady who Lunches" with Emmy. So cute! Love the purse. Trés chic, Emmy.

    Emmy's doing great. Don't let anyone be a Debbie Downer to her success. Girls are supposed to learn early anyway, blah blah blah, etc. etc. Who cares—she's doing it and she's obviously fabulous!

    I mean, really—they can't expect her to go to high tea in a diaper, can they?? :)  

  2. # Blogger Carol

    She looks absolutely fabulous, daaaahhhhling! I say, let her keep doing her thang. She's showing interest and motivation, may as well keep the momentum going!  

  3. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    Okay, how the heck did you get her fingers to cooperate?? LN has mittens with thumb holes and getting the thumbs in there is SUCH a chore. Hm, maybe fingers in the glove-finger holes agility correlates with poop/pee in the potty agility. :-)

    She sure looks tres chic, indeed!  

  4. # Blogger asiangarden

    Hehe she is a little lady.
    I rgink that Emmy is doing so great with the potty training.
    I was inspired by you so I got a little potty and we are going to play with it for a few days and see if things progress.  

  5. # Blogger kim

    Thanks for the support, fellow mamas! The US is pretty much the only country that advocates late potty training so I'm just going to go with my Korean roots! (Of course, I have NO idea how early they do it but it sounds good!) I did find one local friend with a daughter that is 18 months old and fully daytime potty trained, so she shared some good advice.

    Mama Nabi - I have trouble getting Em's fingers into her mittens too! Somehow these silky (big) gloves from the Target $1 aisle slide on effortlessly. The funny thing is that Em tries not to touch much when she's gloved - she prefers to just stare at them and show them off!  

  6. # Blogger Angela

    As the other moms have said, keep on doing what you're doing and try not to let other moms make you feel weird about it. Way to go Emmy!  

  7. # Blogger Rachel

    I'm envious. Bella is almost three and has *no* interest in the potty. I don't think it's a good idea to force it at a young age, but it sounds like Em is really interested and motivated, so go for it! I'm sure those moms are just jealous like I am. ;)  

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