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super tasty super h

we took a family trip to super h today, our local korean-asian-everything mart. it really is like going to heaven, with all of the delicious foods (samples!), knick-knacks (samples!) and hello kitty paraphernalia. the best part is that it's so much more than just a grocery store; there's "momo cafe" with its sweet rice cake desserts (and paht bing soo in the summer, mmmmm!), a bakery with more sweet bread-y goodness, a cafeteria eatery that makes awesome tang soo yuk (my special comfort food dish), a fresh sushi/sashimi area, another prepared foods section with kim bap and chiges to go, a crazy seafood department, a fresh kimchi-making aisle and, of course, the requisite non-food section (filled with korean soap operas on vhs, toys, rice cookers, kimchi refrigerators, etc.). it only takes about 15 minutes to get there, but we actually don't go all that often. today, however, mama needed a good korean lunch fix. and what a perfect time to introduce emmy to the subject of one of her fave books: bee bim bop!

i'm down with this, yo!

emmy gobbled it down like a seasoned veteran AND i even mixed in a little gochujang to ease her into the world of korean spice. next up: kimchi! muahahaha... anyhoo, afterwards we did a little shopping. our first stop was at the mom-and-pop run pung twi gi stand. bags of the puffed rice "cookies" are sold for $2.50 each (or the advertised 2 for $5.00 - uh, duh?) and em demands lots and lots of "pung!" here's a pictorial of our adventure...

snackin' by the bakery department

thoughtfully pondering the history of pung, near seafood

taking a break to examine durian... and yes, we've eaten that too
(verdict: blair likes it, i think it tastes like burning rubber)

still eating, while the ajumma make fresh kimchi

upon arriving home, em went down for a nap... and blair and i dug into some snacks of our own. i love me some ddeokbokki! and i found a type of rice cake that i haven't had since i was a kid visiting my family in pusan ages ago! the label translates it to charggurthang (wtf???), but the korean characters are more like chal-kuul-dukk. i just know that it's sticky and honey-ish with black beans and dates on top. yummy.

every korean meal tastes better with sweet tea, duh!

i dedicate this post to all of my blogging friends who can't get this stuff where they live. if you're ever in the d.c. area, let's meet for lunch! (and dinner! and leftovers! and...)

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6 Responses to “super tasty super h”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    boo hoo hoo... I want! Thanks for sharing. And Em is so freakin' CUTE with her pung! I love that's she staring at it. SO adorable.  

  2. # Blogger honglien123

    Oh man, this made me so hungry for Korean food and Em is so so cute. Pung looks like something we have called Banh Trang, a large type of rice cracker. Is it similar to that?  

  3. # Blogger kim

    Lien, I think they are similar... There's an old ajumma that makes the pung at our store. She takes these tiny compressed rice discs (the size of a hockey puck) and places them in a big machine. The machine puts a great deal of heat and pressure on the disc until poof! This frisbee-shaped rice cracker comes flying out the side and into her basket! The same lady roasts sheets of seaweed too. I'm amazed that her little "stand" stays open, but who could resist a fresh bag o' pung?  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    That looks like a great market. I'm jealous. We are all about those rice crackers, but we just buy them pre-packaged.  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    Me! Me! That's me (who doesn't have all this great food where I live). Em looks like she's in food heaven because well, she obviously is! Lucky little cutie-pie.
    Hubby and I are talking about the big move (we're always talking about how we want to leave VT and move somewhere more multi-cultural). We're contemplating Richmond, VA so I may be able to take you up on that lunch date, albeit not for another couple of years.  

  6. # Anonymous mommymumbles

    Passing through from Beloved Babbling's blog. Reading your blog makes me miss the east coast (I'm originally from MD and my brother and SIL live in Loudon County). Totally jealous about the Super H and Chick-fil-A...we have neither of those here in the midwest. :(  

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