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these boots were made for walkin'

okay, so maybe there are no boots... but baby is upright and mobile! that's right, as of today, emmy has taken her first steps!!! and best of all, our thoughtful toddler waited until both mommy and daddy were at home together - that's right, blair didn't miss out on anything! she seems most motivated to walk towards remote controls and cell phones (she takes after her daddy), but is oddly not overly motivated to head towards food... unless i'm just not offering anything enticing enough. she's up to 6 or so consecutive steps before she gets side-tracked by something else; i'm excited to see how her newfound skill progresses in the coming days! go baby!

in other news, i just got back from my first cooking club group. it's an off-shoot of my local moms group and it was lots of fun! i usually can't make their meetings since they're frequently on weeknights (my work nights, boo!) but i finally made it a point to go. tonight was "ethnic cuisine" night; i made my thai red curry chicken and it seemed to be a nice, spicy hit! i was really intrigued by the north african stew (lots of sweet potatoes, beans and nuts) and chicken biryani with raita sauce. i can't wait to get the recipes and try 'em out - i'm so darn inspired to get in the kitchen and test out some new dishes on emmy and blair. hey, does anyone else out there feel like they're in a rut when it comes to feeding their toddler / child?

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5 Responses to “these boots were made for walkin'”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    Yay Emmy! It's ON now. I remember chasing after Bean all the time when she first started walking. She would take off like Forest Gump whenever we were outside. :)

    I'm always in a cooking rut. If you have any toddler-friendly recipes, let me know please. When I can muster up the energy, I try to introduce new flavors to the twins. The problem is that my cooking doesn't always agree with this idea. Maybe some of these photos will inspire you: (they make me drool) http://www.tastespotting.com/  

  2. # Blogger Snickollet

    Go, Emmy! What an accomplishment.

    I'm not in a rut yet with feeding the twins since they are only eight months old. But I'm in a serious rut feeding myself and my husband. All that food you mentioned sounds delicious. MMM.  

  3. # Blogger honglien123

    Oh, how exciting! I remember when my Sweet Pea started walking, it was bittersweet since I realized that I didn't have to carry him everywhere anymore and of course, he didn't need me to carry him everywhere. It's great when they run to hug you instead of the other way around though.

    I feel like Sweet Pea is in a food rut all the time (peas, carrots, chicken, repeat), but I think that's more his choice than anyone else's since those are the only items he's willing to eat. Sounds like Emmy is much more adventurous. Sweet Pea does love Dim Sum though. I think it's the perfect toddler food since it's usually the perfect size for them.  

  4. # Blogger Beloved

    Ooh. That cooking club sounds like fun! I want your recipe for the Thai red curry chicken! That sounds wonderful.

    I'm in a rut with cooking. Not for my toddler obviously, but for myself and my husband. I feel like I'm cooking identical dishes over and over. Well, you know how it is!  

  5. # Anonymous Superha

    Great news! Yay. You've got a full-on toddler on your hands now. Congrats!  

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