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what the zzzzzzz

she woke up at 3:45 am.
and then at 4:26 am.
and then around 5ish, with wide open eyes and a playful grin.
so i put her in our bed, thinking she'd love to sleep with her mama and papa.
and she did... at 7:00 am.
what to blame? teething? a cold? the howls of some poor frisky cat outside? the weather?
aw who cares, let's all take a nap.


4 Responses to “what the zzzzzzz”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    Our son did that for awhile too. Not sure why... we never figured it out. But he stopped eventually and hopefully Emmy will too — soon! Hope you are all getting some long naps at least. :)  

  2. # Blogger Carol

    Crazy! T has also started to get up around 2 or 3AM, WIDE AWAKE, ready to play. I've tried to bring him to bed and lie down with us but that just gets him more riled up. Last night I just sat in the rocking chair with him a little bit, and put him back in the crib when he was calm. I dread the day he sleeps in a bed and can get out by himself. I'll be waking up with a finger in my eye at like 5AM everyday.  

  3. # Blogger Rachel

    I hope things went better last night. Sleep deprivation makes everything harder.  

  4. # Anonymous Superha

    I feel your pain. Ash took NO NAP this past Saturday. First time ever. Doh! We're back to our 2 hour naps now, though. Good thing it was a fluke. :)  

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