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things i love #2 (ode to emmy)

some days you're sweet, my playful bunny
some days you're brave - oh crikey, honey!

sometimes you're sad to brush, brush, brush
sometimes you slow down mommy's rush

on other days, you're playful! silly!
in a tizzy, willy nilly!

and other times, you work real hard
on the farm and in the yard

you're growing fast, my little one
and mommy hates to miss the fun...

...like when she has to go to training for work
and sit through eight long hours of blah, blah, blah.
(i can't imagine going back full-time, that's for sure!)
see how inspired i get when my brain turns to mush?
hallmark, i'm sending you my resume asap.

thanks for staying home today, daddy!

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6 Responses to “things i love #2 (ode to emmy)”

  1. # Blogger Rachel

    She's adorable! Toddlers are so busy, always. I like this line:

    "you're growing fast, my little one
    and mommy hates to miss the fun"

    Too true!  

  2. # Blogger halfmama

    That is the sweetest photo to end on--fatigued from a full day of fun. :) Love seeing Emmy explore and smile and play! Thanks for sharing. :)  

  3. # Blogger bokumbop

    What a cutie! Hope you get to keep the part-time thing going for as long as possible. I know I'm going to really miss T.  

  4. # Blogger Beloved

    I'm very impressed with your poetic talent and equally impressed with your photography! Although with such an adorable subject, you could hardly go wrong on the latter! :)  

  5. # Anonymous Superha

    Beautifully written and presented. However, I'm a little worried that Emmy has access to udders. Hmmm...  

  6. # Blogger Snickollet

    Goodness gracious she is cute. What a lovely ode.  

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