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we like ducks

hey, you there!
don't you have work to do or something?
aw heck, since you're here already... want to scrub my back?


15 Responses to “we like ducks”

  1. # Blogger halfmama

    Oh. My... SO adorable! And gotta love that hair. :)  

  2. # Blogger Angela

    Too cute for words, love, love, love the hair and expression on her face! BTW that's a great little mini tub, I've never seen one before, wish I had one when mine were little, would have saved my poor aching back!  

  3. # Blogger Rebecca

    So Cute!!! I can't wait to see Miss Emmy in a couple of weeks!  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    Ha! I love it.  

  5. # Blogger tonisan9

    Yes Emmy, I do have work to do, but you're too darn cute! I love the hair!  

  6. # Blogger Carol

    Snugtub!!! This saved our bathing dilemma during travel. J was so freaked out about germs and stuff at hotels, other people's houses, etc.

    I have a picture like this of myself when I was probably 2 or so, except my eyes are all red from crying after a Korean-style shampooing. Maybe I'll dig it up!  

  7. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    Nice hair! Babies in their bathtubs are an epitome of innocence, purity, and just plain fun... and then you put lotion on them and mmmmm clean soft powderfresh baby! Is she cute or what?  

  8. # Blogger asiangarden

    I love the faux hawk! lol  

  9. # Blogger kim

    We do love us some bath time. :)

    Angela - The inflatable tub is terrific! It's super cushy and gives Em lots of room to play. The best part is that we can easily deflate / inflate it for travel and trips to the beach (hopefully this summer!).

    Carol - Can't wait to see your baby pic! (And my mom sure liked to scrub me raw too... but now I like it and use one of those long (scarf-shaped) rough Korean "towels" during every shower!)

    Can't wait to see you too, Becky!!!  

  10. # Blogger Beloved

    Oh my goodness--Emmy is talking to me! I do have (so much) work to do and yet here I am--reading blogs! She's such a cutie-patootie.  

  11. # Blogger honglien123

    Oh so cute! My babies are no longer babies so I'm living vicariously through all the blog babies.

    PS Sorry about the bad link on my site, I've updated now. My bad.  

  12. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    BTW, is your Korean scrub towel green? :-D aren't they all? Mine is. I don't feel clean until I give myself a good scrub with it... sigh, my mom used to be so brutal with it as well.  

  13. # Blogger kim

    Mama Nabi, that's so funny - I've only ever seen PINK ones! My mom always had one hanging in the shower and I've since picked up the same habit... oh it makes my back feel so good!  

  14. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    NO WAY! I always see green ones! Hm, we should do a survey. :-)  

  15. # Blogger kim

    LOL, I can see it now - weekly polls on the Kimchi Mamas re: Korean bath products and the like. At least that shouldn't get any racist comments! (Btw, I sooo miss the smell of whatever bath soap my emo in Korea would buy... wish I knew what it was!)

    As for the scrub towel issue at hand... maybe it's an East Coast versus Minnesota thing! I can mail you some pink ones if you ever want to spice up your life, heeheehee!  

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