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we're baaaack

grrr... i had this great long post all ready to publish and blogger ate it. ugh, how i hate you tonight, blogger. i'd try to recreate it but i'm sleepy and annoyed so we'll see how i do tomorrow. for now, a few quick updates...

wow. i never thought it would be so hard to play email/blog catch-up but it sure felt like it this week. have you ever had one of those weeks where you just don't have the energy to do much of anything? or, more specifically, where you don't want to look at anything that requires an internet connection? (i know, that's sacrilege - how could i ever turn away from my beloved laptop?) perhaps it's because daddy's on spring break this week; we're trying to make the most of our real-life connections while we can. i'm sure i'll be hittin' the blogging bar hard next week. in fact, make it a double, bartender.

in the meantime, i'm slowly catching up. for my pals in blog-land, sorry for the lack of commentary... but i'm still reading! :)

we spent the past few days visting my folks in southern virgina. we were supposed to see my best friend's daughter get baptised too but emmy's horrible stomach bug kept us quarantined for the entire trip. on a um, positive note, we now know how to thoroughly scrub and clean a britax car seat to remove stinky 3-hour-old macaroni and cheese. mmm... yeah, it was just THAT fun. emmy got lots of good bonding time in with my folks while we were there; in fact, my mom started showing emmy the intricacies of playing hwa-tu. blair doesn't play so i look forward to challenging em... of course, that might take a few more years. right now, we're just excited to point out all of the "birds!" and "flowers!"

at least she's not chewing on 'em...

now that we're home and healthy, we're trying to make the most of daddy's time. today's stops: the reston zoo and playground time...

i can't believe my baby is all grown up - look at her drive!
i dunno about her choice in friends though...

these two baby porcupines were just born at the zoo this morning;
we were the first people to see them!

every good asian learns to use the abacus from a young age, right?

riding the whale does a body good

next up: today's mommy wars discussion, or the one that blogger ate

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8 Responses to “we're baaaack”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    love how cute emmy looks in the pic where she's riding the whale. real friends are important, too. glad you're taking time. :) not to push wordpress on you, but it saves your work every minute automatically...  

  2. # Blogger Angela

    Great pictures! Glad you survived Em having the stomach bug and cleaning up after it....now, you have another thing to add to "you know you're a mom when..."

    That's great that your daughter is learning to play hwa-tu, I never learned. My parents were teaching my kids how to play yut nolee, last week, my son was so proud that he beat his harabojee.  

  3. # Blogger bokumbop

    Oooooh, I love those Korean cards! I didn't know what the real game was called. I created my own game with them, kind of a mathing game but not really since the cards are not identical.  

  4. # Blogger bokumbop

    And I have some abacus pics too that I'll post soon!  

  5. # Blogger honglien123

    Welcome back! My spring breaks is next week so I'll probably be scarce for a bit too. We'll probably try the zoo after work as well. =) Love the pics and I'm thinking of getting away from blogger too. All my pre-"new blogger" stuff lost all formatting. Ugh.  

  6. # Blogger Angela

    I just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you in my blog for a meme, hope you have fun doing it.  

  7. # Blogger Snickollet

    I'm glad Em is recovered from the stomach bug. Yuck, yuck.

    I was just telling GH how excited I am to take the twins to the zoo this spring. It looks like you guys had a blast.

    Hooray for spring break!  

  8. # Blogger halfmama

    Welcome back! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

    I loved hwa-to when I was younger. My grandmother used to play with me for money. She would win all my pennies and laugh as she took them from me! ...She was the best. :)

    Emmy is really really adorable!  

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