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another day, another tragedy

sending our deepest sympathy and warm wishes to the folks at virginia tech today... (didn't i just write something like this?) it's so hard to believe that something so horribly tragic could happen at such an idyllic little (well, big) campus. i’m anxious to see if i recognize any of the people affected, but then again i think all of my friends would have left that area ages ago. even so, it seems like everyone here in northern virginia has some tie to that school... tech was actually my "safety" school; my parents insisted i apply to an in-state engineering program, thinking that it would be the most affordable alternative. by senior year, however, i just wanted to get far, far away from everyone and give independent living a shot. for me, the idea of being trapped in the middle of nowhere with the kids i'd known since elementary school held zero appeal. thank goodness for the financial aid wizards at cornell, whew! anyway, i'll be following this story for quite some time, i bet.

update: a local friend and va tech alum just told me that the gunman was a korean guy. i wonder if that's true? i'm dying to read the official story / motive / profile in the coming days...

2 Responses to “another day, another tragedy”

  1. # Blogger Angela

    Makes you want to just shut yourself off from the world and hold your family tight and never let them go. So senseless and brutal, my prayers go out to the families....so sad.  

  2. # Blogger Rachel

    So sad. I don't have words.

    I did hear that he was Asian. I don't think anyone knows very much right now.  

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