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getting ready for easter

dude, where are my bunny ears?


8 Responses to “getting ready for easter”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    love the leggings on emmy! glad you enjoyed the mommy wars talk. she definitely had some good points. :) happy easter to you and your family.  

  2. # Anonymous Lori

    Awwwww, what a sweetheart.  

  3. # Blogger honglien123

    Cute! I love the leggings too. Such a cute age, enjoy it. =)  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    Adorable! Happy Easter.  

  5. # Blogger Snickollet

    She is so cute I can barely stand it. Happy Easter!  

  6. # Blogger Beloved

    What an adorable!!!

    You have grass. That's lovely; we have. . . snow. Now how'd you know I was going to say that? For some reason my mother insists on cooking turkey for every holiday, so for Easter. . .turkey it was. I wished everyone a Merry Christmas because--well, we were eating turkey and there was actually snow (which we failed to have for xmas this year) on the ground.  

  7. # Blogger bokumbop

    Cute tights!!

    We spent our Easter cleaning pinkeye goop out of T's eyes and under general quarantine. Yay. Although we did drive around and pick up carry-out.  

  8. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    TOO CUTE! I love the Easter leggings!  

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