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hokie hope

Governor Timothy M. Kaine has declared Friday, April 20, 2007 a statewide day of mourning for the victims of Monday’s tragedy at Virginia Tech.
according to the va tech website, today is "hokie hope," an alumni-led declaration of a national "orange and maroon effect" day. everyone, whether they have a tie to the school or not, has been invited to wear the school's colors in a show of support. this request has been all over the news here; my company even sent out two emails stating that we could wear any va tech t-shirts, etc. to work today, regardless of the standard dress code.

this morning, i put on a maroon shirt. emmy got to wear her favorite orange cat shirt. and then we went to music class.

seriously, does everyone around here live in a cave? the teacher kept making comments about how all those people (meaning like, three of us) wearing red and orange are all sitting near each other, ha ha ha, and how she's declaring next friday's class to be blue and green day. at the end of class, a couple of us had to explain what today is supposed to be. the teacher - and some of the other moms still hanging around - were so surprised! *sigh* i guess i also figured that more of the morning newscasters would be dressed in maroon and orange, but i suppose most people probably don't have an orange business suit, eh? regardless, i'm proud to support all of the students, families, faculty, alumni and especially victims of va tech today, and i hope you're doing the same, wherever you are.

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  1. # Blogger Beloved

    Good for you (& Emmy), Kim! No one here wore the colors (I don't own anything appropriate to wear to school in either color),but I really would have though more people would right there in VA. It's kind of sad how little some people seem to be concerned with this incident. All of my co-workers used the exuse that they just avoid watching any news coverage because it's too sad/disturbing. I say watch and learn; that's how these things may be prevented in the future!  

  2. # Blogger Angela

    That's great that you and Emmy wore the school colors and showed your support. It is rather sad that no one else knew/cared to do it too.  

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