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the interview meme

sorry for the short hiatus, folks - the warmer weather has been keeping me super busy with emmy lately. i'm starting to forget how to play indoors; gosh i sure hope it never rains again! i was definitely an indoors child growing up, but i am amazed (and thrilled) by how easy it is to take emmy outside and explore for a good hour or two each day. she's currently obsessed with swings ("wheeee!"), "flauw-wers" and "durt." oh, and bubble blowing is pretty cool too.

anyhoo, i figured it was about time for another meme and voila! here's the interview meme, courtesy of my friend lien. this one's a little different: instead of being tagged, you ask to participate! tag yourself in the comments with the note, "i am an ego maniac," and i'll send you 5 one-of-a-kind, hand-picked questions to answer about yourself. lien sent me these questions a couple of days ago so here goes...

what is your most favorite work of art and why?

oh boy, what to pick, what to pick... i guess the piece that jumps out at me the most is a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte by georges seurat. it's a terrific example of the brilliant colors / effects developed in the pointillism style; seurat painstakingly depicted precise contours, geometric shapes, proportions and distances with this piece. but that's part of what got my attention in art class: have you ever noticed how each face is a ridiculously perfect full, three-quarters or half view? and how they're all so darn... emotionless? critics speculate that the painting shows the middle class at leisure, or perhaps the social tensions between all of society's classes, gathered in the same space but not interacting in any way. i love the way that this presumably noisy, hectic space filled with families, children and pets is too organized, calculated, controlled... just too quiet and reserved to feel right. that contradiction has always amused me.

what do you enjoy most about being a part time sahm?
i love the fact that i am able to raise my daughter myself - there's no reliance on daycare, friends or family (not that we really have much of the latter in this area anyway). blair and i are very independent people and while i totally wish that my mom lived closer to help us out, i am thrilled to be the one that catches all of emmy's milestones, her ups and downs, her new words, everything. i am very selfish here; em's my baby and i can't imagine missing ANYTHING. my mom was always a full-time sahm to me so that's the "norm" in my head. you get many chances to try different jobs in your lifetime, but the window to be with your children while they are the most open, loving, teachable, attached, defenseless and innocent is so very, very small. and while life changes prevent me from becoming a full-time sahm right now, my current set-up is the next best thing.

btw, i do appreciate the fact that i have been able to find / create such a flexible work arrangement. i'm very impressed that my company has lived up to the claims that got it on the working mother's 100 best companies list.

has little emerson had any phases that you particularly enjoyed? what other phases are you looking forward to?
lol, how about all of them? it seems like every phase is just a little cooler than the one before it, but then i'll have days where i would give anything to hold her brand new teeny-tiny baby body once more. i am really enjoying our days right now - her vocabulary (both spoken and signed) is growing by leaps and bounds, her memory astounds me and i absolutely adore watching her pretend play. the one thing that i really look forward to is that big jump in vocabulary and comprehension that gives her the ability to speak in (mostly) full sentences. i can't wait to figure out what's going on in that little head of hers!

in your experience, what are the most positive and negative aspects of being someone who is mixed race?
positives: awesome food. exposure to a broader range of people, cultures and standards of living, leading to a more open mind and greater empathy for others. a reason to travel abroard in my childhood years. standing out in a crowd. the feeling of being connected to a family structure that's much larger than the average, and knowing there are people that span the globe who know and love you. that kinship / excited feeling i get when i spot another hapa. did i mention double the awesome food?
negatives: racist / uneducated people who ask ridiculous questions (i.e., "are you north korean?"). always getting the "what are you" question and being expected to disclose my family story at the drop of a hat. not fitting in with either culture completely. standing out in a crowd. second guessing other people's actions towards me (see carol's "decompression" post). knowing that there are still people out there in the world that treat me (and others) differently / poorly because of race. worrying how emmy will answer this question.

what 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
nurturing. artsy. dedicated. waiting. sleepy.
...or, as liz phair sang in extraordinary, i'm just your "average everyday sane psycho supergoddess." :)

and how convenient! that brings me to my next topic - nina's best songs ever meme! but i'll save that for this weekend's post... i have some more work to do on that one; it's quite the challenge!

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3 Responses to “the interview meme”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    that was fun getting to know you better. you're right, the painting has a very eery feeling to it, but it definitely makes you think. looking forward to your top 10 songs list! :)  

  2. # Blogger Rachel

    I love that painting too, for all the same reasons. I also just like how busy it is. It's so rich in detail.

    I'm also with you on the language development. Watching them acquire new words is so much fun, and it's also less frustrating than trying to guess what they want/ need. On the other hand, sometimes Bella uses her newfound language skills against us.  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    Whenever I see that painting I always remember the scene from Ferris Bueller when he and his friends are studying it and the camera pans in for extreme close up shots...it is a amazing piece of art. I wonder how long it took Seurat to actually finish it?  

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