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too close to home

why i'm glued to the va tech coverage:
- the gunman, identified as 23 year-old senior cho seung-hui, is korean
- his home is in centreville... just 15 minutes from here
- a civil and environmental engineering professor was killed, among other engineering faculty (my major!)
- quotes like "there wasn't a shooting victim that didn't have less than three bullet wounds in them" and that it was "brutal" and "amazing"


i'll be taking the afternoon off to take emmy to the zoo. oh, and it's ben & jerry's free cone day too. remember to spend lots of time with your loved ones - gosh knows what each new day may bring.

2 Responses to “too close to home”

  1. # Blogger honglien123

    Have fun at the zoo! And it's shocking that the guy shot everyone at least 3 times. It's like he was playing a video game or something.  

  2. # Blogger Angela

    So sorry it was "too close to home", it makes it all the more real and even more frightening.

    I hope you had a great time with Emmy at the zoo.  

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