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did you know that tomorrow (may 5) is children's day in korea? i didn't - thanks for pointing this out, sarah! since blair will be buried in the endocrinology books all weekend, i think i'll try to make tomorrow extra fun for emmy. there's a big "pet fiesta" festival at the town center; perhaps we'll go and get our animal fix for the day. have i mentioned that emmy is totally obsessed with cats? seriously, sweetie, did you have to pick the one animal that both of your parents are totally allergic to? oh well, maybe i'll just paint one for her...

oh, and did i also mention that she got her first "boy kiss" yesterday? heeheehee... em's pretty affectionate with the people that are extra close to her and she'll even kiss and hug her playgroup friends from time to time. yesterday, "ben-ben" and "memmy" exchanged their first ever boy-girl smooch - it was so adorable and i'm kicking myself for missing that kodak moment!

in terms of randomness, another notable thing happened yesterday. here's an excerpt of the recap i sent to blair (who was sadly at school and missed all of the excitement):
dude, 3 police cars were blocking our court, behind l's car
i just called her - she saw a potential intruder trying to get into (neighbor's) backyard
man was dressed in women's clothing, carrying a pillow case and covering his bottom
he looked right at her and then she called the cops
um, yeah. for a very quiet, family-oriented type neighborhood, that was bizarre. and when i was typing that out, i seriously felt like i could have been playing mad libs with those underlined words up there! (so which nouns did you pick?)

now it's time for bed... i spent 2 hours outside after emmy went to sleep tonight, attempting to plant new azalea bushes in the front "yard." although my mom has quite the green thumb, mine's more brownish black... you know, the color of all those dead leaves piled up in the decaying mulch bed that we've been ignoring for months. i am totally NOT the gardening type, but the $800 estimate i got from a landscape guy motivated me to get my lazy butt outta the house and into the dirt. i managed to plant 3 small azaleas before it got too dark to work anymore; i'll have to plant the last bush and several liriope tomorrow. too bad the ginormous oak tree out front sucks the soil dry... oh how i hate digging holes and hitting roots, roots, rocks and more roots. anyone want to come dig with me?


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  1. # Blogger Beloved

    I was just telling my sister how Children's Day is celebrated in Korea. My sisters were saying that if there was a Children's Day in the U.S. it would all be commercialized and instead of taking the kids out for a fun day at the zoo or park, it'd be all about gifts. I think they are so right!  

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