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things i love #3

(sorry for the blurry camera phone shot)

  • sharing a yummy dinner with your daughter
  • sharing a quiet dinner with your daughter, who's totally mesmerized by sitting on a deck overlooking a lake filled with boats and birds
  • sharing a FILLING dinner with your daughter, who's so entranced by the experience that she gives you extra time to eat your own food
blair's busy on campus today so emmy and i had a girls night out. yum!

in other news, just call me "mommy do" from now on. does every kid go through this stage?


4 Responses to “things i love #3”

  1. # Blogger Rachel

    I'm glad E was distracted enough for you to enjoy your food.

    FYI, the "Mommy do" is followed by the "Do it myself!!!" even when it's something they are completely unable to do themselves.  

  2. # Anonymous Superha

    time to eat a meal is soooo great!  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    Love the look of concentration on Emmy's face, so sweet! Glad you got some time to actually enjoy your food.  

  4. # Blogger sierrajuliettromeo

    you are so lucky! i can remember ONE meal (in recent memory, which isn't saying much since i've been losing it ever since becoming a mother) where cadence was behaved perfectly so that my husband and i could enjoy ourselves. glad you had a good time!  

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