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top 10 songs meme... for now

nina recently tagged me for a "top 10 songs of all time" meme. hmmm... since i'm lucky if i can remember what i ate for dinner last night, i'm changing the game slightly. instead of making a definitive list for all time, here's a list of 10 songs that are essential to me, right now, that i can think of, right now. :)

10. the "wedding" songs:
brown-eyed girl, build me up buttercup, and abba's dancing queen
i love these three light-hearted, easy-to-dance-to songs! they're standards at weddings and sorority formals across the nation and i'm a sucker for 'em every time. happy, sweet and a little cheesy. mmm...

9. the "frat party" songs:
dmx's party up (up in here), the bloodhound gang's ain't nothing but mammals, beastie boys' brass monkey and too many others to mention
senior year in college. bar nights on thursdays. mixers, crush parties and formals on the weekends. hangin' with misato and patrick in dino's. watching the girls learn all the "right" moves to n'sync's bye bye bye. good times, good times.

8. killing me softly, the fugees
this one sends me back to high school every time; it always makes me think of senior year, prom, and my super ghetto school. thanks lauren hill, wyclef jean, and um, you other guy, for this song.

7. possession (from fumbling towards ecstasy), sarah mclachlan
i was selected to attend the summer governor's school program before my senior year of high school. this was a 6-week, live-in program at the college of william & mary - i spent my days at a nasa internship and my evenings with awesome students from all over virginia. one of the guys there, brad, introduced me to sarah mclachlan and i've really enjoyed her stuff ever since. she's strong and emotional and i like it.

6. the one where i'm stuck between...
she will be loved and secret (from songs about jane), maroon 5
thank you, dido
smooth and love of my life (from supernatural), santana
my immortal and call me when you're sober, evanescence
halfway down the sky cd, splender
i'm terribly indecisive so this is where you get a quick peek at some of what's on my ipod. a random mix of stuff that reminds me of a particular place or time, like old yet beloved baggage. (i did this list working backwards and forwards at the same time - can you guess that this was my last entry? welcome to my 1:00 am mind dump for the night.)

5. why can't i and extraordinary (from liz phair), liz phair
she's hot and sexy and strong and loud. i love her self-titled cd and can listen to it on repeat forever (although i can do that with most anything, just ask blair). it makes me feel more empowered and sassy and ready to pounce. i am extraordinary, dang it!

4. slow dancing in a burning room (from continuum) and something's missing (from heavier things), john mayer
really, i'd be happy to list john mayer's entire discography here. i've been to a couple of concerts and adore the guy - his songs just speak to me. bluesy, emotional, good voice.

3. i need you, hangovers version
i *heart* college a cappella. seriously. i went to all the concerts, have a bunch of cds, and not-so-secretly lusted after all those cute boys who dress nice and sing their hearts out! the hangovers are a subset of the cornell glee club and they know how to put on a good show. i need you was almost tied with #2 below for "our song" status; in fact, i think blair prefers this one lyrically. listening to this takes me back to the beauty of cornell and how much i loved those years. (for an extra a cappella fix, check out up the ladder to the roof too - it's one of the hangovers' signature songs.)

2. only you, class notes version sung by ken ho and alenda chang
originally by yaz (who???) and sung here by cornell's "original coed a cappella group," only you has always been the song for me and blair. i wish we could have used it at our wedding but you need to have the live performance for real oomph (so we did what 99% of all married couples do: dance to at last by etta james. it's another song we love, though, so it was all good.) anyway, this one makes me remember all those years we spent dating in college; it's a keeper.

1. rainbow connection, dixie chicks version
this one is song #3 on the mary had a little amp cd. although it is a kids song made famous by our fave frog kermit, i love it because it's for the daydreamer, believer and optimist in us all. there's something so pure and innocent and hopeful about this song that it just leaves me feeling good all over. hooray, warm fuzzies for everyone!

and as a special bonus to all ten of my readers out there (yup, i'm talking about you), let me introduce you to emmy's all-time, must-be-played-constantly favorite song... meow meow lullaby by nada surf. it's featured as song #14 on the for the kids too! cd. i managed to find a couple videos of the band here and here, and boy, it sure is weird to see a bunch of grungy, chain-smokers singing about a little kitty cat. we listen to this on repeat in the car; it's gotten so bad that blair has started measuring distances in meow-meows. help!

Meow Meow Lullaby
Artist(Band):Nada Surf

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow (x4)

I am just a kitten,
Hardly fit my mittens
Much too small, i figure,
One day i'll be bigger
One day i'll be a great big kitty cat
Use open windows to go from flat to flat

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow (x4)
Meow meow meow meow-meow-meow (x2)

I am just a kitten
Hardly fit my mittens
Much too small, i figure,
One day i'll be bigger
One day i'll be all grown up and strong
But till then i'll just purr and sing along and go

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow (x4)
Meow meow meow meow-meow-meow (x2)

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow (x4)
whew! and now it's time for bed. have a happy sunday everyone!

p.s. - i tag anyone who's willing to play, but i'm especially curious if some of those real music lovers out there could ever make a top 10 of all time list. up for the challenge, an'd?


3 Responses to “top 10 songs meme... for now”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    dmx's "party up" takes me back
    wow, bloodhound gang?
    okay, i knew all the "bye bye bye" moves, too.
    that other guy from the fugees is glad you like his song. funny!
    my husband loves sarah mclachlan and john mayer as well.
    yup, danced to "at last"

    thanks for doing the meme, kim.
    fun list.


  2. # Blogger Rachel

    Lots of great songs on that list. I love old Beastie Boys, especially for riding around in the car with the windows rolled down. My husband was a big Liz Phair fan in the 90s.

    Mary Had a Little Amp is one of my favorite kids' c.d.s  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    I'll have to listen to meow,meow lullaby, sounds interesting. Gotta love ABBA and Brown Eyed Girl!  

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