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zoo for you

we finally uploaded the photos off my camera last night - time to play picture catch-up! and if you're wondering, yes, we do spend a LOT of time at the local zoo. today's post is dedicated to that fantabulous place, just 10 minutes down the street...

that's one hot crib... monkey-style

mmmm... roast duck, anyone?
(just kidding! i didn't bring my hoisin sauce today)

so three turtles walk into a bar and...

wow, when did she get so big???
(yes, i meant emmy!)

and happy (early) birthday to the gosselin sextuplets tomorrow - they'll be three! i am in love with their show, jon & kate plus 8, as well as their 2 previous documentaries. any parents that can handle "2 6-year olds and 6 2-year olds" totally get props in my book, and the fact that all the kids are hapas is just icing on the cake for me! aren't they sooooo adorable?

ASIAN DOLL UPDATE! one last thing, i found the perfect doll for emmy today! while browsing in the right start store, i came across the asian corolle "poupette" doll. it looks like she'll be perfect for em: she's huggably soft, easy to dress and just so darn simple and cute! i'll be stashing her away for a special occasion, that's for sure! have you found any particularly good asian dolls / toys?

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6 Responses to “zoo for you”

  1. # Anonymous Superha

    wow, emmy looks HUGE now next to you. my, they grow so fast. the sextuplets are darn cute, too.  

  2. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    She IS getting bigger so fast! LN has Babipouce Asian from Corolle ("Baby Agah") - I liked it because it was between a soft stuffed toy and a plastic doll and it looked more like LN than some other Asian dolls. Hm, I think I'm gonna try to squeeze in a zoo trip this week as well... thank you for the idea!  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    Emmy is so sweet! Those dolls are so cute, I wish I had known about them when my daughter was younger.  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    Looks like a fun day. You are lucky to be so close to the zoo. Emmy is getting big. I always notice when I'm holding Bella how much further down her feet are (almost to my knees, now.)

    Thanks for the doll recommendation.  

  5. # Blogger sierrajuliettromeo

    happy day-after-mother's day, kim! hope you had a good one!  

  6. # Blogger daddy in a strange land

    Hey, that doll's not bad! Haven't seen that one before. Here's what I wrote about that whole topic a while ago, fwiw... :)


    If the link doesn't come thru, go to my blog's archives and scroll down to Jan. 28 '06 ("ha-ro da-ri"). :)  

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