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pearls of wisdom

okay, i lied. i share with you some *sticks* of wisdom, courtesy my yan yan snack.

deep, eh? but seriously, stag beetle? um, love what? oh well, hope everyone's having a wonderful week!


5 Responses to “pearls of wisdom”

  1. # Blogger honglien123

    Wasn't Dim in Bug's Life the loveable stag beetle? Hmm, been watching too many Pixar movies.  

  2. # Anonymous Superha

    thanks! that made me chuckle. :)  

  3. # Blogger Rachel

    Ha! Thanks. :)  

  4. # Anonymous Mama Nabi

    I love it! Does that mean I'm stag beetle? Or does it mean I love stag beetle? Or does the stag beetle love me?
    These are fun - I wonder if our local stores carry them...  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    What the heck is a stag beetle anyway? Maybe a beetle who goes to the prom solo? He's loving his singleness. Okay, I'm delusional, but I did enjoy the sticks. I've seen the snack, but never noticed any sayings on them. I should probably slow down when I eat--lol.  

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