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tasty tidbits

life's gotten too busy lately for a proper post, so here are a few tidbits to tide you over...
  • i think we've started to hit emmy's "word explosion" in the past week or two. she's suddenly repeating multiple words at a time and stringing 2 to 3 words together to talk to us. right now, as she's tossing around in her crib, i've been listening to her practice many words like her fave "mommy up." she's picked up "blue is the sky" from a rocknoceros tune, plenty of useful phrases like "daddy come home," and has even invented a funny new game to play with us!

    emmy: "know what?"
    you: "what?"
    emmy: "what?"
    you: "what?"

    and on and on... really, it's loads of fun, even on the 632nd time of the day.

  • emmy's loving the "happy birthday" song right now. however, she insists that you fill in the name with "robbie" about 95% of the time, and will occasionally let you slip in "allie" or "andrew." we've tried to show her that it can be anybody's birthday, but apparently our friend robbie's first birthday overshadows all others. (or does she have a thing for cute little hapa boys? heeheehee, one can hope!)

  • emmy's so wonderfully korean when it comes to eating! she can't gobble down the chapchae and kong namul fast enough, and will literally try to self-serve from all the little panchan dishes. but the best part? i frequently give her rice rolled up in those flavored nori sheets. last weekend, she decided to take a lettuce leaf, carefully place it on her tray, methodically fill it with rice, roll it up, and toss it back! i never knew that the art of ssang-chu was so innate!
    on a similar note, she really likes cinnamon shikhye (cold, malted rice punch). while the regular stuff is okay, i think the cinnamon variant is a horrible ending to a lovely meal - it reminds me of christmas potpourri! at least i know where my serving will go from now on...

  • for all you northern virginia locals, the washington post had a great article about some local playground gems today. we decided to check out discovery park in sterling this morning and loved it for the 45 minutes or so that we could stand the heat. it doesn't have the wow factor of clemyjontri, but it's still a cool, more cozy alternative.

  • i'm off to work on the. baby. book. yup, emmy's over 19 months old and silly ol' mom has been VERY delinquent with this project. my goal is to have her first year scrapped over the next 2 months, while blair's around to give me the occasional bit of free time. i hope i'm not the only slacker out there... i feel like if i don't do it right this minute, it will never, ever get done. at this rate, any and all future kids will be lucky if i manage to remember their birthdate(s).

  • when i tire of the book, i'll just go slink away to the tv and immerse myself in my lovely sam-soon, the bridget jones of seoul. while i can't believe i've gotten sucked into this cheesy soap opera, i love the fact that a non-korean-speaking hapa actor, daniel henney, has risen to fame from it. wonder when that will happen to me... lol.

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  1. # Blogger bokumbop

    Cute upside-down Emmy ... yay for words! I was JUST about to write about the same thing this week. T is doing a lot of repeating, and he does talk to us in his babble-speak, but no stringing together early sentences yet (unless you count e-i-e-i-o). Could be the boy thing, the multi-lingual thing, or just a T thang. Good luck on the baby-booking - I started early on, but now I don't even know where the hell it is. I'm just not a crafty mama.  

  2. # Blogger Rachel

    Yay for Emmy's words! Watching them learn to talk is so much fun!

    Is My Lovely Sam-Soon the one with Daniel Henney? I've been wanting to see that one. I haven't watched a Korean soap in a long time. Such great escapism.  

  3. # Blogger kim

    You're right, Rachel, and Mr. Henney is quite the cutie! Thank goodness for the AZN channel. I wish they showed more Korean programming; Sam-Soon (or an equivalent Korean miniseries) comes on from 10:30 pm - midnight during the week.

    Carol, it's so cool that T will be multilingual! I'm trying to teach Emmy some random Korean vocabulary but I'm not consistent with it. We're much better with ASL.  

  4. # Anonymous Superha

    that's so cool that emmy loves korean food. ash loves chinese food. :)

    the what game sounds hilarious!

    i've never seen any of daniel henney's acting, but based on photos, he's super hot!

    good luck with the book. i'll let you know in a few years when i finish with ash's first year book. :)  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    Cute Emmy!

    Daniel Henney? *sigh* (be still my heart) Actually, when I watched My Lovely Sam Soon, I developed a thing for Hyun Bin who, prior to watching all 5,000 episodes (or however crazy many there are), I thought was very, very young (which he is, of course) and slightly shrimpy somehow. Apparently, young and shrimpy do it for me--ha ha.  

  6. # Blogger Angela

    It's so fun when they start putting words together...you are in for lots more fun, wait until Emmy gets to the "why" stage,that stage seems to continue and my kids don't seem to tire of that question.

    It's Monday morning and I haven't had any breakfast yet, the yummy food you mentioned has me drooling...  

  7. # Blogger bokumbop

    Kim, well, he'll be bilingual for sure, and his third will be Korenglish unless we get him into some real classes!  

  8. # Blogger halfmama

    Love the 'what' game! What a comedienne!

    I laughed at Carol's comment: "I don't even know where the hell it is." Mmm... yes. Maybe my book is in hiding with Carol's.

    Emmy, as always, is adorable in that shot. :)  

  9. # Blogger sierrajuliettromeo

    What a cute photo of Emmy! Love that tongue sticking out!

    Cadence loves Korean food too, as long as it's rice and kim or seaweed soup or denjangjigae with tofu. I wish I could get her to eat some other stuff...

    Good luck with the baby book! I gave up and just stuck photos in a those albums w/ the sleeves. I, like Carol, am not a crafty mama.  

  10. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    It must be in their genes - LN can be quite a picky eater but she's versatile when it comes to Korean food. Actually, that's what we do if she's been too picky - take her to a Korean restaurant!

    Aw... Emmy's looking more like a little lady every day! Oh yeah, word explosion! Before you know it, she's going to be talking in sentences!  

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