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mr. onk

after dinner each evening, emmy peers over the side of the sofa to look down into a vent.
it's time to check on "mr. onk".
"onkie" is a white elephant.
and he likes to eat grass (... or maybe crabs?).
"don't eat his grass," she tells us.
we promise to leave his food alone.

welcome to our first imaginary friend.


4 Responses to “mr. onk”

  1. # Blogger honglien123

    Ah, welcome welcome imaginary friend. Thank goodness you're an elephant because your friend Jessica, Evie's old imaginary friend, was a little girl who inhabited our old house which was old old old and Jessica creeped everyone the hell out.  

  2. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    woohoo! Imaginary friends can be YOUR friend! I've gotten LN to agree to do somethings just because her imaginary friends were doing it. :-)
    LN especially enjoyed a book called Imagine Harry, btw.
    Elephants are great!  

  3. # Blogger Superha

    how cute imaginary friends are. should i be worried that our supergirl doesn't have one?  

  4. # Blogger Rachel

    So cute! I always wonder if they can see things we can't.

    Emmie sounds like a smart little girl.  

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