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day 10: shopping

overheard minutes ago on the monitor: "emmy make a volcano again." guess who's not sleeping right now? (and yes, emmy DID make a volcano is her art/play-type class this morning. she was in awe of the baking soda and vinegar "science experiment" and will probably want me to start recreating it at home. guess the science gene is running strong in the lee family!)

anyway, thanks to an awesome fundraiser / "new to you" sale this morning at a local preschool, i now have 4 adorable sweaters for emmy, 3 more cute maternity tops, 2 pairs of snow boots, and a partridge in a pear tree. wait, maybe i meant a pair of ladybug rain boots, i forget... and maybe there's a hello kitty purse too. regardless, em's thrilled about her new duds - and she hasn't even seen those boots yet! perhaps she'll get them next weekend for her birthday... ever since em's classmate got "buttahfly boots" i've been on the lookout for some cute rain gear, as i get reminded of the lack of said items all. the. time.

(really, emmy is just about TWO YEARS OLD. what's it gonna be like in a year? or ten?)

so now i'm just finishing up some amazon shopping and thinking about toys again. a local dc metro moms blogger just posted about the whole toy recall epidemic (from lead paint to the aquadots date rape drug fiasco) and wants everyone to join the "no china" bandwagon. while i understand that many of these horrible toys were produced in china, i think the whole anti-china thing is turning out to be a scapegoat in all this. seriously, do people not realize that we have issues in our own country? what about all the american (and other) companies that don't bother beefing up their own quality assurance teams? what about the government safety commission? it's not like we have a direct purchasing doorway to those foreign-made toys, folks - there are plenty of "supervising" middlemen that should have helped avoid these costly mistakes. so while i'm trying to be smarter about my toy purchases for emmy and her friends this holiday season, i somehow don't foresee a plastic-and-china-free holiday at our house. how about you? have you changed your toy buying habits in reaction to all the toy recalls this year?

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  1. # Anonymous Lori

    I'm with you on the scapegoating thing; a lot of the recalls had to do with design flaws rather than lead content. That most recent one with the beads was also blamed on a Chinese manufacturing mistake, although the list of ingredients that someone got from Canada clearly listed the egregious component. We're also being a little more careful, but mainly in terms of not buying what's already been recalled. Otherwise, I'm not planning to get my panties in a bind, so to speak. ;)

    Lovely about the maternity wear!! I've got so little time left to go that it doesn't make sense to get any more, but I'm hating not having proper-fitting clothes.  

  2. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Volcano...? What kind of super-genius school does Emmy attend?? That sounds like so much fun!

    I'm actually thinking a pre-pre school/day care type of place would be really good for LN - I was a bit anxious about it at first. Besides, I never got to do stuff like volcano creation so I'll probably have fun as well.

    Oooh, shopping. I look at all the cute maternity-wear they have at Target now and still grind my teeth and wonder why they didn't have any when I was preggo.  

  3. # Blogger kim

    MN, preschool has been wondeful for us! Em's in a small home-based program that only has 10 kids per day. The 2 teachers give her lots of attention and she's really learned a lot, from new songs to art projects to making friends on her own. I was lucky to find this school, as they only take kids from 18 months - 3 years (and Em's late fall birthday makes her ineligible for many schools around here that require the student to be 2). We'll move on to a more typical preschool next year.  

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