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day 13: scheduling woes

"holiday" birthdays: fun and cool or just horrible timing?
what if you had to share your birthday with cupid?

discuss and comment while i rip hubby's medical school (exam) schedule to shreds.


4 Responses to “day 13: scheduling woes”

  1. # Blogger Rachel

    Is Emmy's birthday on Thanksgiving?

    My birthday is close to Christmas. The worst was that I never could have a big birthday party because all my friends were out of town.  

  2. # Blogger kim

    She's close to turkey day but not on it, thankfully. We're in the midst of picking baby #2's birthdate and it looks like she might just be a Valentine's gift. With Blair's so close to Christmas and Em near Thanksgiving, I'm not sure how I feel about yet another holiday birthday.  

  3. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Hm... one thing is for sure, people don't forget your birthday. (Or is it the other way around? I tend to not forget people's birthdays if it's near a holiday...) Although, for those planning the party, it can be a logistic nightmare.
    I kinda like the idea of a Valentine's Day baby... although, who knows what kind of romantic pressures that will put on a girl.
    I did want LN to be born on Cinquo de Mayo or Children's Day (Korean)... didn't happen.  

  4. # Blogger bokumbop

    We want to come to Emmy's birthday, or as T would say, buhdee pahtee!  

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