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day 14: birthdays, steak, and elmo

update from yesterday's cryptic post: so we opted *not* to pick a valentine's birthdate for our second baby girl after all. it's a little odd getting to pick your kid's birthdate, that's for sure, and i just kept second guessing myself about the 2/14 date. i was half-surprised that our selected c-section date was already fully booked at the hospital but we were able to settle on another safe, non-candy-heart-associated day. seriously, all i kept thinking was that the little one would potentially enjoy valentines as a kid but hate it when she's in her late teens/twenties and potentially date-less on her birthday. now everyone in the family can have an almost-holiday birthday... and since #2 claims valentine's, i guess i get groundhog's day by default. snort, snort!

em boycotted nap time today so posting time is limited. must go to bed while enjoying the lingering effects of my grilled rib-eye and fresh apple pie dinner on the town. oh how i love work-related dinner meetings... mmm...


special thanks and lotsa hugs are being sent to a dear friend who goes above and beyond in her thank you notes. i can't wait till emmy gets to wear the shirts, esp. this one! (and our korean playgroup friends will be so jealous!)

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5 Responses to “day 14: birthdays, steak, and elmo”

  1. # Blogger Beloved

    Plus birthday parties might put a damper on the romantic Valentine's evenings out. ;-P  

  2. # Anonymous sarah

    OK, that uhn-nee shirt is TOO CUTE!!! what a great idea!  

  3. # Blogger Tinkleberry

    Eunice's was born Feb 15 lol the day right after valentine...hehehehe  

  4. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Okay, I need to find some crafty talent, send to honglien and get me a kickass t-shirts. CUTE!  

  5. # Blogger Angela

    I would definitely have chosen another date too, good for you! That t-shirt is so very cute, wish my daughter had one when her brother was born, very jealous!  

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