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day 15: overheard

current mutterings from the crib:

"i need JAVA!!!"

"i'm a diaper, i'm a diaper"

"apple juice - apple juice - apple joo! absolutely!"

"i need to go out of the house, dolphin's house?"

"bumble bee say ahhhhhhh"

"big bunny bear and baby bunny bear think, think, think. who's missing?"

"loop-de-loop-de-loop..." (and repeat)
... all while i listen to christmas carols on the cable music station. yes, it IS freakishly early to tune in to that, but for some odd reason i get more of an urge to clean when i hear christmas music... must be all the associations with entertaining and having guests over for the holidays.

my best friend and her family arrive tomorrow for the big birthday weekend, and us girls have dessert reservations for the melting pot for the late evening! i'm already salivating over all that fondue goodness.


2 Responses to “day 15: overheard”

  1. # Blogger Superha

    "i need JAVA!!!" - that's funny. no, wait. does she really need java? :)

    good luck this weekend. hope emmy has a great birthday!!!  

  2. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    MY favorite is "I'm a diaper"... wow, there's a lot that can be said about that statement... what a poet!
    Do you say "Absolutely" a lot? I say, "Of course" a lot and I sometimes hear LN trying to "use it in a sentence". Aw...
    HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY EMMY!!!  

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