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day 19: party coma recovery

whew - what a wonderful yet tiring weekend! i know that baby #2 is impacting my stamina but i could easily crawl back into bed today. from catching up with old friends to preparing for em's birthday party, i was pretty much go-go-go from friday until yesterday afternoon when i finally snuck a nap in. bliss!

anyhoo, here's a quickie recap of the festivities-to-date...

saturday evening was spent making the cake. look familiar? overall, i was pretty pleased with the end product although i'm horrible at deciding when to call it quits. add more icing? add more detail? becky had to restrain me from playing with the caterpillar all night... and now i hope to get another chance to make a similarly shaped cake again. you know, to perfect the process!

the party itself went off without a hitch. thanks to the great folks at wee play, we didn't have to do a thing except show up with food. i think many of the dads - and parents of younger guests - were quite surprised to see just how adhd-like a gathering of 14 tots can be. once again, we are soooo thankful that we didn't bother hosting this at home! btw, notice how it's almost just all moms in the circle? dads sure like to man the cameras and nod, don't they?

emmy was quite thrilled with the art project of the day: making glittery green and purple dragonfly "puppets." she has since named hers "jake" and allows him to interact with her new dinosaur set. yup, she kept asking for dinosaurs so blair and i got her a set of the plastic beasts. they are doing quite well and occasionally get to enjoy a ride in her new doll stroller. emmy's also quite concerned about the darkness of t-rex's mouth, insisting that she needs to clean his teeth and tongue. perhaps we have a budding dentist on our hands?

between the circle time, art project, numerous free play activities, sweets, and all the rest, emmy came home thrilled and pooped. i think she adored being surrounded by so many friends, and we are truly thankful for the kindness, generosity, and friendship shared by all. future birthdays will be scaled back drastically but we figured, aw heck, this is the last time emmy gets to celebrate her birthday all by herself - let's make it crazy fun! (and the party let us give our parent friends the best gift of all: a long, quiet nap-ful sunday afternoon... hurray!)

thanks for all the well wishes sent via comments and email, and special thanks to carol for her sweet gift! i'm constantly amazed to see how lucky we truly are to know so many wonderful friends!


6 Responses to “day 19: party coma recovery”

  1. # Anonymous Lori

    That's exactly how it was at the birthday party we went to the other day - all the moms with the kids, all the dads taking pictures (and some annoying ones actually talking shop in the corner!).

    There's definitely something to be said for the party away from home!

    Happy belated birthday to Emmy!! :)  

  2. # Blogger Superha

    you're quite the artist... eric carle would be proud. now take a nap!  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    That is one amazing cake, love the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, you are one talented baker, I am extremely impressed. I'm so happy to read the party went so well and she had such a lovely time.  

  4. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    WOW. That is one great cake! And a great party! Hmm, VA is starting to sound pretty good, esp if there's cake around!
    Emmy looks so HAPPY!  

  5. # Blogger Beloved

    That is a kick *ss cake! I'm so impressed!!!

    Glad to hear the day was a success. You must be exhausted.  

  6. # Blogger halfmama

    That cake is AWESOME. Happy Birthday again Emmy! Looks like she had a FAB time!  

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