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day 20: tagged again

first of all, the cupcakes were a hit! emmy was very excited to tell me she picked a pink one and that she even "ate the buggy head!" i'd love to start planning for next year's confections but gosh knows what she'll be in the mood for by then... so i'll just have to start making fun snacks for playgroups instead. i'm already a huge fan of cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters - although em's been refusing to eat the gingerbread man shape for some time now. guess we're not cannibals in this house...

in other news, my childhood best friend just tagged me for another meme. this one's quick and easy so here goes:

4 jobs i have had:
tv camera operator for a local school channel, nasa intern (but for environment regulating stuff, not flying into space), resident advisor, IT manager

4 movies i love to watch over and over again:
joy luck club (cause it always makes me cry), the mystery of rampo (so beautiful), once a thief (hilarious) and bring it on (shameful, mindless cable-lovin' fluff)... there are a ton more but these quickly come to mind

4 places i have lived:
hampton, va * ithaca, ny * couple of cities in the d.c. metro area

4 tv shows i enjoy watching:
grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, the office, and jon & kate plus 8... but i could go on and on here (and i only stuck to current programs)

4 places i have been:
p/busan, korea * u.s. virgin islands (st. thomas & st. john) * the bahamas * up and down california... but i'm still waiting to see san fran

4 websites i visit daily:
gmail, google reader, cnn and my local mom board

4 favorite foods:
like i can even narrow it down to four! as of right this nanosecond, how about tang soo yuk (korean take on a sweet and sour pork dish), kalbi with lettuce leaves, hush puppies / corn nuggets, and a damn fine rack of bbq ribs with lots of sweet, sloppy sauce

4 places i would rather be:
eating from a street vendor in korea, basking on a beach in the caribbean, walking across my college campus (fall's so beautiful there), or asleep in my bed

i tag all those brave folks doing NaBloPoMo too, especially third culture kid(s), the lotus life and snickollet. the month is almost over, ladies - just a few days to go!


4 Responses to “day 20: tagged again”

  1. # Anonymous Lori

    Once a Thief!!!! I LOVE Once a Thief!!!! Of course, I was a huge Leslie Cheung fan, so there's that...

    Seriously. One of the first movies I ever made M. watch. Even he liked it, and he's picky.  

  2. # Blogger Misty Beethoven

    I am simply suggesting that you omit the word "diapers" from your blog name. :)
    ha ha!
    Much love!  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    I also love tang soo yuk, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I've recently begun watching Jon & Kate too, and I'm hooked on it, those kids are really cute.  

  4. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    ... you had me at tang soo yuk. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE food.  

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