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day 21: black friday

right now, i'm so very thankful that i'm done with my holiday shopping. nevertheless, i'm always curious about those black friday sales and whether there's anything remotely appealing out there. if you're curious too, check out the official black friday ad site and get a head start on the shopping madness. as for us, we'll be sleeping in and debating a local christmas parade, assuming the grandparents are game for it.

3 Responses to “day 21: black friday”

  1. # Blogger Bethany

    I am so impressed that you have your holiday shopping done! I have not even begun to THINK about what I am going to buy people. Ugh.

    Happy Thanksgiving!  

  2. # Blogger Beloved

    Black Friday scares me. My high school students asked me to take them shopping that day, but I refused. As much as I love to shop and save money, I have to draw the line somewhere. ;-)  

  3. # Blogger Angela

    Kim, you are one impressive lady, I've barely begun my shopping. As a Canadian I've only recently heard about Black Friday sales but I don't think I'd be at them even if I lived in the States as I really hate crowded malls. Well, maybe I'd be at one store "Mecca" or also known as "Target" ;-)  

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