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day 26: the more you know

today's public service announcment, brought to you by the emerson lee foundation:

(looking at a picture of a red barn...)
"open it up"
"gnomes live in that barn"
"gnomes like to dance"
"gnomes eat chicken nuggets... with jam! and syrup! sticky!"
"gnomes are stinky - peeeeeyeeeew!"
"grandma gnome and grandpa gnome give them all a bath"

i think there was even a little something about how they just wear their underwear too.

and now you know.


1 Responses to “day 26: the more you know”

  1. # Blogger Mama Nabi

    Wow... now I DO know so much about gnomes!

    Thanks, Emmy! You sure do enlighten me all the time!  

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